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Hebrew – עִבְרִית – letters can be hard, even tricky at first, but if you can master the letter Aleph – א – Aleph – אָלֶף – you might be surprised at just how easy the rest of the Hebrew Aleph-bet will become. This is a must before you go on and try to tackle all of the other letters in the Hebrew Language. Enjoy.

The following Hebrew Language Tutorial for Beginners is completely dedicated to those who are looking for a jump-start into this complex and beautiful Hebrew Language. Visit my FaceBook Page and please feel free to subscribe, if you like.

WHOSOEVER Shall Call Upon the NAME of the LORD Shall be SAVED – The Secret Place

Almighty YHVH BLESS YOU – The Priestly Blessing – in Hebrew & English – KJV- Numbers 6:24-26


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  1. Very good lesson, you are a blessed teacher, thawadah for taking your time to teach. May The Most High bless you continually. Shalawam.

    • thawadah ahch for the comment glad to be of service to my brethren but the glory n praise goes to the Most high and Yahawashi for blessing me with that. Enjoy the rest

  2. Thank you brother, my grandparents spoke Hebrew but both of my parents converted to Catholicism and Yoruba and stopped teaching and speaking it when I was 3 years old and I have forgotten. My aunt tried to make me remember my real roots when I turned 27 she gave a Hebrew bible to me but my mother rebuked her for doing it because of her ignorance and convention! The most high has blessed you with the gift of teaching and it is a sword against our enemies. Thank you once again.

    • Hodc,the uprising yasharahla shalawam bro,
      the wawa symbol yur using is from phonecian alphabet but they changed it to vav. so is it yahawa or yahevah or is it the same?

  3. oh and i know it can be inconceivably frustrating dealing with rock headed Jake and thier not too bright q’s but please don’t let it stop you. There are many of us that already done our research and now just here to be taught. Jake expects you to chew the food for them lol smh!

    • kan , im scared to move on to the next lesson so i keep watching this one over and over so i can memorize everything before i go to the next video lesson.

    • Autumn Perfect. take ur time…learning the alphabet is essential…so get that down pack and the rest will be easy…

    • Hebrew Princess I’m with you sister. I’ve been on the first lesson for months now trying to master it 😀

    • It’s just false
      If you’ll talk to someone with this language they will probably laugh on you.
      It’s an old hebrew no one in Israel knows this language

  4. Shalom I have been searching for something the will take the time to break this down for my understanding. I thank YAH for leading me to your page.

  5. I wasn’t able to open the link in the description brother would you happened to have a new link/file? Thank you in advance.

  6. Thank you for your patience in teaching us our language. I am actually learning and I think you are a great instructor. Praise The Most High!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your video my brother. This is exactly what I need. May The Most High bless you and your family.

    • Belove Believe Not Every Spirit ….its all part of being born again….once you grasp the alphabet the rest will flow…its already in our Spirit…


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