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Arm of the Flesh

(#088 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

Listen to Me, My precious little one; I would like you to consider My servant Mosheh (Moses) as an example of My absolute providence. I brought him up as a prince only to have his crown stripped from him. He would be a shepherd at the age of eighty, “an alien in a foreign land.” (Exodus 2:22) It was then that I called him to his true purpose, his created purpose. After forty years in exile My plan would begin, truly begin. Why did I strip him of his princely garb? Yes, he murdered, but I always knew he would. It's what caused the murder that had to be removed. The arm of the flesh had to be removed, the desire to do anything other than what I purpose in his, and likewise, your life. If you pretend that whatever you want to do must be My will, you will wander in the wilderness. To get out, you must stay close to Me; you must stay connected.

The byproduct of the removal of the arm of flesh is humility and meekness, heavenly humility and meekness. From a murderer to the testimony, “What if they don't believe me or listen to me?” “What if they say, 'Yahweh did not appear to you?'” (Exodus 4:1) Please realize that the humility that I placed in Mosheh will also be placed in you. He would no longer be a man with murder in his heart. Now ready, prepared for every good work, Mosheh, a different man cries out, "O Yahweh, please send someone else by whose hand You may do it." (Exodus 4:13) He was no longer supremely confident in his own ability. He was now a servant ready to be used. It was at this point that My chosen vessel was truly ready.

Know this My child; the talents you have are from Me. Have people noticed your attributes, the things that make you good at what you do? I will not waste those talents I placed in you. I will just make sure they are used for why I created you. If you are wandering in a foreign land right now, you might just rejoice. For it is here that the arm of flesh will be taken away and your new life brought to you. You do not need to wait forty years, however. Submit to Me now and enter your destiny My child. It is your precious predestined purpose.

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9 thoughts on “Humble Yourself

  1. are you serious?!? this is so incredibly on point that my jaw is completely slack at 7mins and I have no idea how long it has been……….

    9mins yes, I have and still do because I do not want anyone to mistake my flaws for His character so He has graciously been breaking off the arm of flesh.
    so beautiful indeed!

    more righteous as in right standing with Yahuah… all about the heart! isn’t that what our Messiah exemplified if nothing else?


    Father truly is the I AM, hasatan is just a profiler

    those who know we have absolutely no claim to anything but death… and yet He so graciously gives us LIFE and that MORE ABUNDANTLY!!!

    every time I resist typing something you say it within 2mins…. seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your Elohim

    prime example? oh when He rescued me it is literally using the foolish things of this world to utterly confound the wise… He has flat out been showing how mighty His saving Hand truly is!

    so ready you can’t even fathom…
    anyone else feel like exploding out of this confining flesh?
    almost like being awakened even deeper than ever before… almost a too big for this body feeling?
    know this sounds crazy, but almost like unfurling MASSIVE and I do mean MASSIVE wings that are almost triple (in breadth) the length of my body…
    actually had dreams when I was a child and have been having visions of the same thing…
    as a child I simply hovered in dreams, but the last couple months I’ve seen wings 2x maybe it’s because we are that close?
    not even remotely confused about becoming some sort of “angel” or anything (that is utterly insane and downright blasphemous)
    think it’s more of a metaphor about us soaring above…
    perhaps a view from what we have heretofore considered an angelic perspective?
    in any event these are the days our forefathers looked for and didn’t get to see… and Father chose NOW for US!!! WHAT AN HONOR!!!

    To die for Him would indeed be and honor and privilege, but what about living for Him now? The mission is just now getting started, mishpocha!!!

  2. We need to be wise as serpents, gentle as doves in this hour. I was reading the comments on the recent Engine 2 Plant Strong channel and someone merely asked if the Esselstyn Family was Saved or believed in GOD. Didn’t even mention The Name Jesus or Yeshua. One person said he was Jewish and offended by the comment and another stated they hoped the comments would be deleted. The comments were deleted.😢😥💔 Please pray 🙏✝️ I’m praying Yeshua shows up in Dreams and Visions and He will indeed talk to these people directly! And that they would indeed receive Him as Savior!! 🕎✡️✝️🕍💒🙏👆🙌👏♥️💚❤️

  3. All these teachings have all been on point ! Thank you Brother Paul. This whole Suffer Well Course has bee n on par for the times we are going through at this time. Yahweh’s Light has been shining brightly and continues to shine forth to those who seek His Kingdom. HalleluYah!

  4. Thanks for these devotionals. I am struggling a lot with if God loves me or accepts me. I feel guilty over everything, and I think did I let Him down? I’m feeling very unsure. I am trying to know what is His will.


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