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19 thoughts on “This is the only answer for a Coronavirus Cure.

  1. AMEN – This is the only answer for a Coronavirus Cure!

    Hashem sent fiery nechashim among the people, and they bit the people; and

    Am rav miYisroel died.

    7 Therefore HaAm came to Moshe, and said, We have sinned, for we have spoken against Hashem, and against thee; pray unto Hashem that He take away the Nachash from us. And Moshe davened for the people.
    8 And Hashem said unto Moshe, Make thee a fiery serpent, set it upon a pole; and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live.
    9 And Moshe made a nachash of nechoshet, put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a nachash had bitten any man, when he beheld the nachash hanechoshet, then he lived [see Yn 3:14-15].
    Bamidbar 21:5-9 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

    14 And as Moshe lifted up the nachash in the wilderness [Num 21:8-9], so it is necessary for there to be a hagbah (lifting up) of the Ben HaAdam [Ps 22; Isa 53].
    15 That everyone having emunah {Gn 15:l-6; Num 14:11; Ex 14:31] in him may have Chayyei Olam [Dan 12:2; Isa 52:13]. Yochanan 3:14-15 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

    10 And I will pour upon the Bais Dovid, and upon the inhabitants of Yerushalayim, the Ruach (Spirit) of Chen (grace) and of Tachanunim (supplications for favor); and they shall look upon Me whom they have pierced [dakar, “pierce through” cf. Yeshayah 53:5; Targum HaShivim Tehillim 22:17], and they shall mourn for Him (Moshiach) as one mourneth for his yachid (only son), and shall grieve in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his bechor (firstborn).
    Zecharyah 12:10 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

    32 Therefore the chaiyalim (soldiers) came and broke the first man’s legs and then the other one hanging on HaEtz.

    33 But having come to Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, when they saw that he was already niftar (deceased), they did not break his legs.

    34 But one of the chaiyalim pierced [ZECHARYAH 12:10] his side with a romakh (spear) and immediately out came dahm and mayim.

    35 And the ed re’iyah (eyewitness) of this has given solemn edut (testimony). And his edut is ne’emanah (trustworthy). And that one has da’as that he speaks Emes that you might have emunah.

    36 For these things happened that the Kitvei Hakodesh [19:24, 28,37] might be fulfilled, V’ETZEM LO TISHBERU VO (And not a bone of him shall be broken). [SHEMOT 12:46; BAMIDBAR 9:12; TEHILLIM 34:20-21]

    37 And again the Kitvei Hakodesh says, V’HIBITU on him ES ASHER DAKARU (And they will look on him whom they pierced.) [ZECHARYAH 12:10]

  2. Why do you erase my comment? Instead, show me evidence, respond to me. You dont do it because it is impossible to prove the nonsense you are spewing. This is so irresponsible. Instead you should speak the actual truth about the consumption of animals and not entangle it with nonsense religious ideologies which are far from reality.

    • Erick, Have you read the scriptures? Have you studies them? Have you prayed for answers from the One who created you and all the raw food you eat? Until you can say yes to all those questions, you have no credibility to say this man Paul is speaking nonsense.

    • @Erick Erick705 Thank you for responding to my message and questions but why such hostility? Paul is an educated man, and just so you know many people who study the words of YHVH in the Bible are educates. They too know microbiology and pathology, yet they still serve their creator. Why? Because they know they are a spiritual being. Additionally, you’re wrong sir, that Bible is written and inspired spiritually. Until you read it, and study it, you are not qualified to debunk it. Your lack of humility and hostility towards these inspired words should concern you. Here’s the thing sir, this book will require reflection and repentance, and that sir is the real reason you dispute it with such hostility.

  3. Paul when I was 19 years oldI I was in a high state of Anxiety too. I had PTSD from some events in my childhood. I too was stricken with a disorder in my eyes. I woke up one day and my vison was blurred, but YHVH used it for me to seek His Son. I bought my first Bible. I found in that book that the spiritual and the physical are connected. I read a scripture that said jealousy is like rot in the bones. That connects the spiritual with the physical. I continued to live with anxiety until I came to Torah in 2015, that I finally felt real peace. That’s when my prayers and needs had answers and results. Psalm 119. This is a great message, solid truth.

  4. I understand exactly how you feel, I also have colitis and dermatitis but it’s disappearing right in front of my eyes because of the decision of eating healthier and changing my life for ever!!

  5. Glory, glory, glory to our God Almighty!!! This is the truth from my personal experience too. Thank you Paul for important message!!!

  6. I am so thankful that you believe in Yeshua! Praise Yahweh! I agree with you on this! Our creator peace. Yes!
    I have had issues with my stomach and body, I am not diagnosed with anything but I knew I had issues. I have tried many ways of eating over the years and I feel I have found what is working the best for me finally!
    I took the ALCAT test and it showed me what foods make my white blood cells react to the foods I eat. I now eat a high protein diet with following what foods do not react in my body and I have found so much support in my body.
    Love this video! Thank you sharing your faith!


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