We Are Created, Chosen & Called Servants Of YAH!

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"You are my servant, I have chosen you." Isaiah 41:9

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YAH’s Love for His People - Hebrew Yisraelite

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Love in Hebrew is Ahava- or Chesed. It's an active verb.

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Wear the Badge of Perseverance... Be a Disciple!

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Perseverance is the badge of true disciples and saints.

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Understanding The Truth About Yisrael

Do not confuse the Hebrews or Yisraelites with the "Nation of Israel" - one is a people, and the other is a governmental entity. They do not necessarily equal or represent each other, just like any other national government does not always represent the views and opinions of the people. When we talk of the Hebrews and Yisraelites, we are referring to individuals who have crossed over (endeavouring to unconditionally follow YHVH) and are part of the Commonwealth of Yisrael - The 12 Tribes of Yisrael.

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