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10 thoughts on “1 Kings 11 Daily Bible Reading with Paul Nison

  1. Shabbat Shalom. I am sure the reading was for you also, but it was very much for me,
    It was my b-day yesterday, so a sibling who is a Christian, called me to wish me anniversary of my birth, wishes.
    All was going well, until I asked her a question that had been given to me for her.
    “Why did Yahweh forbid the eating of unclean animals? Was it to punish us, to keep all the “good” meat away from us?”
    I said I don’t need an answer now, just think about it.
    She seemed to think it was because they didn’t have fridges. That was the only answer she had anyways. (This after about a 5 year conversation between me and her about these things. She is the one who gave me the verses Acts 10, and Mark 7 when I began to question it, and when I read them, was instantly convicted seeing they weren’t even about food, let about unclean animals being made clean)
    But I did offer her some data to consider. They have tested in a lab, the toxicity of clean meat, versus unclean meat, and it can be seen markedly that there is a significant difference between the amount of toxicity in unclean animals and clean.
    So she then says, because I had said my thing about clean vs unclean, she challenged me to start in Genesis, and search out why Yahweh did things the way He did. She wasn’t prepared for me having a ready answer. Many ready answers.
    So she regroups and asks about Cain and Abel, and the sacrifices Yahweh had asked of them. Now I did make a small error in pointing out Abel made a meat sacrifice when she was looking for the word blood, but pointed out Yahweh was displeased with Cains fruit and vegetable sacrifice because that wasn’t what He asked for.
    But what she was trying to get to, was the blood sacrifice.
    This was all to get to the blood sacrifice of the Messiah, which she mistakenly can’t let go of the name Rome created, the 400 year old version, which I, everytime, point out His true name, which she struggles with even though she knows the truth.
    And what she is trying to get around to, is that He did it all by His sacrifice.
    So I immediately stop her, and for the 100th time point out she is confusing salvation, with obedience.
    I don’t keep the ten commandments for salvation, but because it would be a sin not to. This always leads to 1 John 3:4, and this is where she always gets angry. So angry she hung up on me yesterday. So angry she once kicked me out of her vehicle and disowned me, because I will not accept any other made up definition of sin, and stand on 1 John 3:4.
    She rejects 1 John 3:4. I don’t know how, but what I see is spiritual deception.

    So what was the message today?

    If you are obedient, I will bless you.
    I feel blessed, but am saddened for this sibling who can’t let go of her apostate beliefs. She denies Israel. (Not the state flying the occult flag built on the land traditionally the Kingdom of Judah, Israel being the northern ten tribes)
    She rejects it because I have shown her Exodus 31 that shows Sabbath is a perpetual, forever sign between Him and His people, Israel.
    She acknowledges it is, but then says she is not of Israel.
    I hope if anyone reads this, that they may pray for a breakthrough, as it always produces anger in her, which then starts the wife up, “I don’t know why you guys keep doing this, I told you should stop”.
    To which my response always is, “Because I don’t take orders from you, I am commanded by another”.
    I usually add, “The serpent was cursed for deceiving Eve. Eve was cursed for being deceived. But Adam was cursed because he listened to his wife.

    I don’t think she likes this, but there is nothing I can do but let each come to the truth.

    Shalom, peace and blessings.

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