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4 thoughts on “1 Timothy 2

  1. shalom Br. paul ….. please see Treasured Inheritance The Truth about Woman & Teaching-Understanding 1Timothy2…. toda blessings in His Truth

  2. all I see in Timothy is that after praising God and Jesus then the writer goes on to make up his own rules of how people should pray, act,what to wear just like the Pharisees ! Oy Veh.

    • but I guess if you have a church environment then there has to be a few rules, but I really don’t think it’s good for one man to lead a church flock I don’t think that’s how it was suppose to go because, well look at the many many bad examples we have today from that kind of environment, too much hive mind everyone having to think the same way ,not good, because the Spirit talks to us all differently and we are indeed unique and different individually from each other according to what Yahweh has given us. I think we just need to gather at someones house to read scripture occasionally and during the appointed times. 🙂 But that’s just my thinking, lol.

    • Suebella , Wow, if THATS ALL you see / hear , do you not wonder if your heart is a rebellious heart & if your eyes CAN see & your ears ARE , in fact , hearing ?

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