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10 thoughts on “1 Timothy

    • Brondena Fanning yeah am so frustrated because they world is so blind and they won’t wake up Thanks for noticing lol GOD sees how frustrated I am because they are loss like I was and time is is going by so fast we don’t have much time. They truth hurt but we need to realize it. God bless you sister 😍

    • Dolores Facts
      August 8, 2017
      Elohim BLess You, my sister girl Dolores, for your beautiful, sanctified, blood-bought, redeemed, humble heart! May our Magnificent Messiah Yeshua cause His Peace to rest upon you and your heart, and continue to increase your understanding and knowledge of Him and our Awesome, Gracious, Merciful, Holy Elohim and Father Almighty, YAH, Creator and Adonai of Heaven and earth, and all things in them! Don’t you just Love all those awesome adjectives connected to our Elohim! I do, and have no guilt or shame whatsoever when using them! HE’S MORE THAN WORTHY!

      Much Shalom to you and your entire holy(set-apart to our Messiah Yeshua’s purposes, only, not ours) households forever, my sweet sister girl Dolores!

      Your joyful, thankful, and grateful sister In Messiah Yeshua forever! Let’s keep each other in our prayers, even if we never see each other face to face, before our Messiah Yeshua returns for us!


  1. please we must test all things ….2-3 witnesses to prove a matter ,we need to becareful and Remember Yeshua and the Apostle’s taught from the Torah and the Prophets shalom shalom

  2. ➡”” The Glorious Good News !!!”” — ALLLL of it. HallaluYAH !!! LOVE IT TOO — Brother !!!! Wow !!!!
    Tomorrow, If The Master wills. I like, Read, Repent, then Submit,Pray, Praise , and PROOOCLAIMMMM !!! HEE HAW !!!!

    • Eliza Pellet
      Our Apostle also said that In Messiah Yeshua there is neither male nor female. I’ve completely trusted and studied and believed my Elohim and Father YAH’S Magnificent, Mind-Renewing, Holy Word for 35 magnificently awesome years now, and I have no intentions whatsoever of setting myself in authority over any man of Elohim, ever! But, our Messiah Yeshua did commissioned all of His sheep, male and female, to speak THE TRUTH, in season and out of season. Have you completely forgotten about Deborah, and other women, in the old testament, of how our Elohim used her– that is, if you truly read and study and meditate yourself the old testament! In my home, my God-fearing, loving husband is my head, and I’m very grateful and thankful to be his godly helper, to take care of my home and my children, and to preach The Gospel of Elohim to this God-forsakened, sin-cursed, dark, non-God-fearing world, and to some Tares mingled into Messiah Yeshua’s Body to teach lies to His sheep. I’ve studied the Proverbs with your teach Paul and completely loved and learned from him! However, by the leading of my Elohim’s Ruach HaKodesh, He will not allow lies to hurt my blood-bought, sanctified, and redeemed brothers and sisters In Messiah Yeshua! You know, I totally forgive you for trying to manipulate me with your unrenewed mind, my sister! But, my Awesome, Merciful, Gracious Messiah Yeshua did not pour all His Mind-Renewing Word in me for the last 35 awesome years for His Word to just sanctify me, and then to lay dormant in me all my life on His Glory-filled, Green Earth, before He returns to take His Own to Himself one day soon! Yet and still, like I said, thanks for your manipulating reply, sister girl!


  3. please see “”Treasured Inheritance” The Truth About Women & Teaching- Understanding…. shalom and blessings to you Numbers 6:24-27 always pray for truth before you read…

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