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100% Raw Vegan Works Best!

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41 thoughts on “100% Raw Vegan Works Best!

  1. Everything you said in this vid is the truth! I tend to bounce from processed vegan to raw food eating habits due to my food addiction. My plan is to be 90% raw 10% cooked whole foods starting off before getting up to being completely raw.

  2. Yes, fresh food, not dehydrated and correct foodcombining is so important! I thought I could’nt eat raw oats because of the heavy feeling after, but then I made my oatmeal without fruit and other sweet calories (have the recipe on my chanel) I just felt so good, its really matter with foodcombining!

  3. Since the beginning of history, people never cooked foods over 118 degrees Fahrenheit and I can prove that except for the last 200 years when people started over cooked foods, moreover people diet was all the time fresh and raw mostly %100 and if not then it is about %80. People through history never used preservatives.. but they relied on fermentation. People through history never relied on farming %100 for their diet but on foraging for wild edible foods. Animal products through history was never a significant or essential diet.

    • “Since the beginning of history, people never cooked foods over 118 degrees Fahrenheit…”

      How could anyone (except the Lord of All) possibly know such a “fact”.

  4. Hi. Just discovered your channel. Great stuff! Have been raw vegan for 8 months, and find it absolutely amazing! And just like you said, ‘When you feel so great on a raw food diet/lifestyle, why would you eat any other way?’ Am a nurse and work various shifts, and preparing my food is so easy. Takes literally only minutes each day. Looking forward to watching many more of your videos. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and love of raw food.

  5. the trainer of the TV show “the Biggest Loser” was incredibly fit and just had a heart attack yesterday or a few days ago. This shows vegan is really the best way. I’m really considering cutting all meat and dairy out after that news. Just not worth it.

  6. hello…really appreciate this!!! very good explanation of what i am constantly (battling!!)… can you give any suggestions on getting this kind of fruit (durian?) in californiaa…? it sounds very satiating… also many say that a cold climate makes it harder to stay raw, i dont know for sure.. any suggestions or help on this…? thankyou!!!

  7. Satiation should still exist on raw food if you eat enough calories and volume at the same time obviously but it is a different feeling of satiation.

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