23 thoughts on “108 year old Barnando Lapallo #237

  1. No matter how long you live you will eventually end up singing Gloria Hallelujah with no back in your suit. The reason he has lived so long is because he hasn’t died. He believes in god. It just goes to show how long an idiot can live.

  2. how come he isnt senile and weak?? ive seen a pic of a man 104 yrs old and he couldnt even sit up on the bed himself! we need proof he’s this old. some footage of his birth certificate or IDs over the years maybe?

  3. Well there is a good chance that his claims are false. Gerontology Research Group has an article about him. I can’t link it, you have to google “Barnando Lapallo fake”. In my result list its the first link that appears, it has the title “Incomplete or Fraudulent Cases” (grg dot org). You have to scroll a little bit down to find a report on Bernando, look for a picture of him, he is almost at the top of the page.

  4. He could be a fake, but if you look around at the population in this country, the highest rate of disease is cancer and heart disease, then fallows diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc… vegans don’t go in for triple bypasses or get cancer or any other disease. Fast food is killing people. Children are obese and have no energy. Watch Food Matters documentary, you can get through net flix. God Bless

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