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12 thoughts on “2 Timothy 3

  1. Yes, for those who would make a decision for the Christ it would be a perilous time as the church would hound them and torture them and kill them.
    The last days would reveal the hardness of mens hearts and they would kill their Messiah.
    SAD, very SAD.

    • Imuetinyanosa Ehondor , Its NOT the church ( bride of Christ ) that hunts us down and kill. Its the Beast’s followers , those with the antichrist spirit. Those under the capitivity of Iron & clay- RomanCatholic & Islam – will have this ” must destroy ” spirit– its already here !!!

    • Eliza Pellet So you’re telling me that it’s okay to ignore the scriptures and come up with a newer version of who the Beast is instead of who it was and who hunted down those who decided to follow Christ over 2000 years ago. Interesting how we seem to forget what is right in front of us in black and white also called ink on page.

    • Imuetinyanosa Ehondor , you just wants argue. The only issue was your ‘ wording’ , saying the church hunts us down , when a church is defined as Gods bride. So all I was saying was , Roman Catholics are not really ” a church ” – its the anti-christ-BEAST. Becuz King Nebinezzar’s (of Babylon ) dream of the statue revealed Toes made of IRON & clay= Iron – is ROMAN CATHOLIC , & clay – Islam. So stop be nasty.

  2. No !! They werent acting like THIS last century !! There were no gay-PARADES in 1917 , nor did decent-looking, nice doctors have PROFESSIONS of ripping fetuses to peices.Neither was alchohol & weed LEGAL. Heb. 10:25……”but exhorting one another: and even more, as ye SEE the day approacing.”
    So the Fear of Yahweh,.. would THAT sound like this? ,… ” where IS that promise of HIS coming, all continues as they were,” — (for werent things like THIS a 100 years ago) ? NOOOO things werent !!! There is open nakedness and copulationin the streets of San Francisco, & satan worship on the steps of our Capitol building holding rainbow flags stating “hail”- to THEIR Master -UNASHAMED today and around the world !!! And they say to the “NOAH” – types who tell them ” stop this perversion!”— ” hey, yu’All sin!!” How dare you tell us were ANY worse- you hypocrit !”””””” Thats what those WICKED PERVERTED VESSELS OF DEMONS SCREAM AT US !!!!! AND, IF it was legalized by THEIR Kingdom, ( The world) , they would murder us right there on the street for shouting Repent !!! — HE – YESHUA , has HIS glorious hand at the door knob– ANY DAY NOW !!!! ANY DAY NOW !!! — DISCERNMENT IS A GIFT & SOME HAVE IT

    • Brondena Fanning , just call him yr ” brother”, bcuz, YESHUA did say that anything more elaborate is of that charmer. And charm IS deceitful. Do nothing in EXCESS, Sister. And the next time you SEE that somone has misunderstood a comment , dont be SO QUICK to jump in , for Proverbs says that it us NOT wise to get involved in someone else s disagreement , ESPECIALLY , where there was no real disagreement, only is simple mis-use of grammar. LOV YOU , SISTER
      ❤, JOY & PEACE

    • Eliza Pellet you really need to read the scriptures because the only kind of ignorance is that which is when something is right in front of your face and you refuse to see it. The church tortured, killed and imprisoned all those who would claim the name of Jesus also called the Christ. If you check your scripture that is the same church where the Messiah read among the congregation from Isaiah. I don’t know where you’re getting your information from but it is not from the scriptures.

    • Eliza Pellet

  3. Apostle Paul was found “ARGUING daily,” persuding them to FEAR THE LORD.
    J. The baptist didnt go easy,” exposing Herod’s sin” Apost.Paul and brother ripped-their-garments and WAILED in pain , when the people( sinned) – shouting ” THEY are gods.” Do not take any sin lightly – but expose sin!!! Call it !!!! Shed light on it UNAFRAID !! If ( worldly) people want to take scripture and twist it, ( calling exposing sin, – as arguing), well, God forbid, any Follower of The Way agree with dat .

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