Joshua Aaron, Andrzej Lampert (Poland) and Wayne Ellington (England) in singing "How Great is our God" in Hebrew, English & Polish at World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland.
Get the song in hebrew on itunes at: .

Światowe Dni Młodzieży: Koncert „Wierzę w Boże Miłosierdzie”


41 thoughts on “3 million sing How Great is Our God in Hebrew, Polish & English! Krakow, Poland

    • understand your concern Ola. I really believe any side of the river is the right side to share the greatness of the GOD of Israel! All the best

    • Joshua , I come from catholic background and I was really involved until I encountered God personally and after that I had no peace to be into it anymore. Loving people not what they do. Infuence the but don’t be influenced by them (Jeremiah 15:19). Catholicism and many christian traditions are mixed with paganism. I think God never changed and He want us to be set apart for Him to be Holy and not to be polluted by this world. I really love your songs since the very first time I heard them and we worship God with them many times. But personally I wouldn’t step into catholic event knowing from inside how it looks like. Jahwe is the only God and Yeshua the Messiah just one and only way. There is no such thing like ecumenism and other ‘gods’. Just as you sing: “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord, lifting holy hands in worship. No, we will not bow down to the gods of man, we will worship the God of Israel!” Blessings. Shalom Aleichem.☺

    • Joshua Aaron
      Dear true servant of God Joshua….Teaching Apostlic faith to Catholics is good but take part with Catholic church activities is not the teaching of Jesus Christ and His Apostles. God never ask us how many souls you gained for me. He is very strict in His rules. according to 2 Tim 2:5 ….And athletes cannot win the prize unless they follow the rules.(New living translation). God understand your soul winning thrist .Ask God He will use You mightily and fill the Heaven with millions of Jews and Gentiles.Thanks for your great ministry and commitment for God’s Kingdom. Maranatha! Jesus Christ is coming soon. Amen. Samuel from Kuwait.

    • +Joshua Aaron. Thank you Joshua for giving your opinion on this topic. I think the same as you. I believe that everyone who makes the Will of God will take part to the table in the everlasting Reign, even if today he/she doesn’t know Jesus Christ (Yeshua). God is so great, really! We can’t imagine how great. I can’t believe in a little “god” who would exclude sincere believers in Christ and pure heart people (of every religion) on the basis of a whatever doctrine or theology. That’s why I am catholic. That’s why I thank you, dear Messianic brothers and sisters, for your enlightening Faith in Our Lord Yeshua. — A great SHALOM from Italy to you, your family and all believers in Eretz Israel !! Baruch haba b’shem Adonai. God bless you.

  1. In heaven we will all be singing together regardless of nation, language or denomination! Praise Christ who works day and night to unite us! Happy Good Friday 2017.

    • Susanne Herfurth Thank you. I agree with you ☺ maybe the ones who are condemning the others could have some problems… but the mercy of God is great also for them. Thank you.

    • ChurchMilitant316. Well, to tell you the truth, I am (very) young “inside” 😄😊 and I am Catholic too, but I am over 40 😄 …and Panama is the World YOUTH Day. Maybe I could drive a group of young people from Italy… Never say never! 😊😇… After all, the participants are young but the singers are older, as you can see in the video 😁😁😁 And you, are you young (not only inside) ? Where are you from? Going to Panama 2019? God bless you 😊

    • Jesus is my Lord. Heaven and Earth will be united. We don’t know exactly “how” but it will be a unity. Not only Earth (nor only re-new earth). Not only Heaven. Both, together. (in the christian catholic point of view). Shalom.

    • Lee Rice, Thank you. The Bible does indeed teach this, as you say. Perhaps the new Earth will be part of the heavenlies…. not fallen, but actively restored to its intended status. Life will be as God had originally planned it.

  2. My grandmother immigrated from Krakow, Poland to America. To hear Polish, English and Hebrew united in one song lifted up to the Lord is beautiful! Thank you!

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