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Here are the 3 links I refer to in this video

The Truth About Cancer Series

Hippocrates Health Institute (mention Paul Nison for a discount)

Dr. Schandl

I have many years of dealing with people who suffer from cancer. Many people call me asking me what should be done. There are a lot of alternative treatments for cancer but I have found these 3 tips the best place to start for anyone dealing with Cancer.

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4 thoughts on “3 Steps to Heal Cancer

  1. Hello Paul
    I like what you shared here thanks for your input
    I agree with you in that there are different methods and that people need also to educate themselves so it won’t happen again. I now for this time use You Tube due to, I can’t be everywhere teaching people on what to do, so I have vetted some videos that I believe everyone should watch, like Dr.Coldwell says, why reinvent the wheel,or something like that, and I just send people now to my channel on YouTube and have them first learn about health which I call Health Foundations which I believe everyone needs to understand the causes of health challenges and what needs to be done to correct, as now I have added you to my list to help people understand health concepts etc, thank you for your time and postings, as I use these videos on my channel as I direct people to watch that saves me a massive amount of time that I no longer have to commit to thanks to the videos online. And as you have said, too many people are jumping on board from leaving the Big Macs which is good, but now they advise people wrong info, because as you know, not 1 product or way is going to take care of the challenge.It is an integrative lifestyle which includes but not limited to the environment, diet, physical and spiritual.
    Thanks again
    keep up the Good work

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