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400 Years withouth a Comb | Movie Segment
The Changes of our Hair during the Hebrew Diaspora to North America

This Reenactment is for Informational Purpose only
I do not own rights to the filming of the said production


32 thoughts on “400 Years without a Comb | Movie Segment of Hebrew Hair Diaspora

  1. Astounding. People called me crazy for deciding to be natural with my profession. But i found a new walk in my journey and my work has not suffered. Awesome documentary. Should be shared and shared and shared.

    • They’re speaking wolof…..she says “Im gonna do pretty braids for you, and bring them all to the front y’hear?”, “so your companions can look at you and ask who braided your hair, y’hear?”, ” and you can tell them my aunt braided my hair”…and then she asked her to turn that way (direction she moved her head to)….they’re from Senegal, where my mom is from….hope this helped

  2. they had to press the nose, to look more Hebrew lol. When the massa raped our women, they would make Hebrews. Because hebrews are closer to the white man genetically and not no damn African. We bred with those stinking Africans and that’s why the most high had cursed us.

    • How do you say “….massa raped our women…” then refer to the Africans as “stinking Africans” I can only assume when you say “our women” you’re talking about the slaves, more specifically the African slave.  Imma need you to pick a side either you are one of us and you’re proud to be or you aren’t.

    • +Shatavia Lipscomb Hebrews were so called blacks native americans and hispancis. so blacks are the original jew/Hebrews.. so when he refers to Africans he must undestand that Blacks and Africans (Hammites) are not the same people…
      Visit: to understand to understand who blacks,hispanics and Native americans REALLY are.. WE the israrlites the bible speaks of and were cursed in Deuteronomy 28:15-68 kjv

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