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This week's featured interview is with a man who has been eating a live food diet for over 45 years. His name is High Priest Kwatamiani. I interviewed High Priest Kwatamiani in my book Raw Knowledge, over 10 years ago and was pleased to see him recently. My favorite part of this interview and The High Priest Kwatamani's teachings is the point of how little food we really need. Also if it isn't live, get rid of it. To see the full video just visit . The video is there for members anytime.


16 thoughts on “45 Year Raw Foodist High Priest Kwatamani #464…

  1. Paul what is your response to those that say that we didn’t evolve on a plant based diet but that we ate anything available, including meat, whether cooked or not? I’m not up on that, I just look at my teeth and realize that they were designed far better for eating plants and fruit than they were for meat…..

  2. @ripperduck Yea our teeth seem better designed for eating plants compared to animals that are strictly carnivores. As far as what we evolved on goes that’s a different story. Regardless of what anyone thinks, the fact is we did evolve on a diet consisting of plants & meat. If you study any indigenous people, from the Aborigines in Australia today all the way back to prehistoric times, they all ate meat to some extent. I’m not debating what’s better for us, but you can’t deny what we came from.

  3. @b0ondockz Thanks for the input. We rarely eat meat and its mostly vegetables/fruit. As a family we function better when we limit meat.

  4. i needed to hear this. thank you. i need to detox myself in stages and eat raw foods my body needs and not what raw foods i like. once again i thank you for this video.

  5. he’s a high tauren chieftan alright. here’s a tip: instead of worrying about having the best food processor or vitamix, just learn to mince ur veggies with knives

  6. Children of the Sun/Light

    Earth – eat plant food
    Water – drink clean water
    Wind – breathe fresh air
    Fire – receive plenty of sunshine
    Heart – live from the spirit/love

    If we lived only from the 5 elements that we evolved from, we would never get sick or catch parasites

  7. Everything he said was true. We “eat what we want not what our body’s should be consuming.” I’m definitely guilty of this. Very knowledgable bredduh right there Bro Kwatamani.

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