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5 Reasons You Should NOT Get a Marriage License


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35 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should NOT Get a Marriage License

    • Truth Faction that’s nuts. the founders didn’t want this much power in a govt whose officials were to do politics as a hobby, not a career

    • Truth Faction wrong: “Interracial marriage in the United States has been fully legal in all U.S. states since the 1967 Supreme Court decision that deemed anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional, with many states choosing to legalize interracial marriage at much earlier dates.” It just so happens that the white women marrying black men was the most common interracial marriage when the first liscense was created in the early 20’s.. 1922 I believe.

  1. This is fascinating information! Thank you very much for your research. This makes so much sense. Things have changed so horribly much since the days of the Pioneers! The state is so full of evil and corruption and they have figured out myriad ways of controlling people and their assets. I wish I had known this before I was married!

  2. Yes! I Agree with you Paul on this message. My son and his girlfriend (I call her my daughter) have lived together for 12+ years. I do believe they should marry in YAHweh’s Eye’s in a Ceremony. We know an ordained minister who is willing to marry them, without the license certificate. Perfect solution!

    • Linda4YAHshuah the pastor is a notary. That will clear up issues of property with affidavits. As long as you can trust the pastor, do it. You only need affidavits. No CON tracts. They’ll never tell you truth. I studied law. Legalese is something they don’t want you to understand. Watch the words that they use. Con tract, con sent.. It’s all a con. Licensing is the government’s way of selling you something that is already yours for control. If you must sign a con tract, sign “without prejudice” next to your signature. That’s only if you have to sign anything.

  3. I guess we all have to weigh out the pro’s and the con’s!

    Some hold that not getting a marriage license is only advantageous to men who intend to take more than one wife….

  4. No offense, it’s easily for some1 to just divorce if there is NO license involved. The QUESTION is it biblical and is your marriage in God’s eyes. Not man’s. Also no divorce unless there’s sexual immortality. Ie: Adultery. Bottom line Paul.

    • GetMooreProductions now list what sexual immorality is and us the scripture to define it, so that cancels your idea of monogomy since a man can have more than one wife, it is regulated in TORAH and then that means Adultry the way the church of today teaches is a lie.

    • +CattyWampus McDoogle Sarah gave her maidservant, Hagar, to Abraham. Through the union, Ismael was conceived. Leah purchased the right to sleep with Jacob from her younger sister, Rachel, for some mandrakes which her oldest son, Reuben had gathered together, with Issachar being conceived. Apparently, if a wife instituted the substitution for the specific procreational purpose, sex with a woman other than one’s own wife, the sexual act is not adulterous. Yeshua defined adultery as repetitive lustful thoughts about someone whom it is forbidden to have relations with. Surrogate parentage is not adulterous, otherwise Brother in-law (Levite) marriages would be forbidden as well. Adultery is turning away from or contaminating a marriage with destructive or disruptive leaven. Surrogacy is implanting a womb with planned life.

    • CattyWampus McDoogle LOL…. LET’S go to scripture. Even tho it was PERMITTED for a man to have more than one wifw it WAS never the original intent of Yah. Yeshua said so himself: A MAN shall leave his mother and father cling to his WIFE (Singular) and TWO (meaning 2 ppl) shall become ONE. Not wives not multiple. He allowed it for 2 reasons: #1 Procreation was for the ppl so they could have alot of offspring he was making a covenant for HIS ppl. #2 the hardness of their heart. REMEMBER: Yeshua said Moshe allowed it BECAUSE your heats were hardened.
      NOW… Why do you deflect on what i said and bring SOMETHING else UP? I wasn’t talking about multiple wives. I said divorce / marriage and what’s permitted in God’s eye’s and what’s Not.
      We live in a land of LAW’S and SCRIPTURE tells to respect the LAW of the land.
      Now we may NOT agree with it all, BUT NOTHING is wrong with declaring your marriage on certificate in the land.
      Regarding DIVORCE when you get a divorce even the ISRAELITES has to give a divorce certificate to the female.
      YOU are NOT OLD Jerusalem, YOU do not live in that law anymore or are EVER going to. It NO longer exist.
      (Btw) Church means body of believers NOT a building. It’s the Congregation of believers.
      STOP with your profound church theories / conspiracy theories. It sounds remedial. And quite uneducated when ppl throw that out.
      I suggest you read: Malilachi 2:16 / Gen 2:24 / Matthew 19:2-9 / Mark 10:8-12 / Ephesians 5:22-23 Speaks in singular.
      So yeah…. I have backing.

  5. Paul, We need to realize the times we live in today. Yahshua says in Romans 13 God advises us to submit to governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established, we are further advised in the Bible that rebellion against authority is rebelling against God. We are to trust in YaHWeH in all we do, that includes following the laws of the land unless it goes against YaHWeH.

    • The Lord Jesus Christ said “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” (Mark 10:9) If you get a marriage license, you are violating Jesus Christ’s command because the marriage license is, in effect, consent to let man put asunder the marriage by letting man dictate the rules for marriage. God’s people are under NO obligation to follow anti-christ laws. Furthermore, in many countries, people have a constitutionally protected right to practice their religion. Marriage license is 100% optional.

    • DEO , actually the scripture you quoted speaks about a certificate of divorce. It’s still a written document a legally written document putting away his wife. Yes, vs 9 says “therefore, what God has joined together let no one separate. However in vs. 3-5 Yahshua also quoted “ what did Moses command you? He replied that Moses permitted a man to write a certificate of divorce and send her away.

      It was because your hearts were hard that Moses wrote you this law. I find no wrong in a document for marriage nor for divorce even though I would love everyone to stay with their spouse but it is not realistic in today’s society. There are more divorces among the religious community then those who are not religious. Shalom

    • Not sure what your point is considering that Jesus Christ stated that what Moses did (by permitting divorce) went AGAINST God.
      You say you find “no wrong…”. but it doesn’t matter what you or anyone else finds wrong, it’s what God says that matters. Millions of people also “find no wrong” in murdering babies. Billions of people also “find no wrong” in doing many other atrocious sins. The fact that you and all those people don’t have the holy spirit and can’t discern what is right or wrong and are in sin is why Jesus Christ came here and preached to REPENT!

  6. Thanks Paul!
    That’s right we don’t need have permission to obey the laws of His universe.
    Following Torah is all about making new nueropathways in our brain…a new mind in totality will be unlike the minds of the system…contrary on every level we are to be foreigners in this world:)
    Traveling through with a different system to all aspects of life:)
    Shalom, shalom.

  7. Shalom. Love you always Paul. However, I have to disagree with you on this topic. I get what you’re saying, however, I think you are somewhat overreaching. Your teaching here could cause members of the Body to find themselves in legal and social problems at some point in their relationship. We do not live in a theocracy today, especially in the West. Following this marriage license thinking, one could also argue that we should not follow the laws of the land pay taxes. I fault no couple for refusing to get a marriage license if they feel so led. However, I think the teaching is potentially dangerous to some. Not to mention that it has nothing to do with living righteous lives based on Torah and the teachings of our Master Yahoshua Messiah. Just my thoughts.

    • It’s Not As You Perceive TORAH tells you then a man is to write a bill of divorce and hand it to his wife. Now you go the gubment to get permission for marriage and divorce. That goes against TORAH so in reality HE is trying to bring people back to TORAH not divide. Your support of ignoring TORAH and following a demonic gubment causes more division than anything

    • I truly can appreciate your zeal for Torah CattyWampus McDoogle, but you really are missing my point. Too many of us in this Faith movement are quick to follow what a Hebrew Roots teacher tells us to do without truly understanding what Torah is really saying. So I take great umbrage over your statement that I am causing more division than anything. If this is only a forum for people who agree with this teaching, then what’s the point in having comments since everyone agrees.

      If you read with understanding my comment, I was trying to get the point across that simply divorcing spouses because Paul believes we shouldn’t have marriage licenses comes with great risks: insurance policies, social security benefits, retirement funds and pensions, taxes and ownership of real property will be adversely affected without taking proper precautions. Simply going blindly and foolishly down a path without understanding is not what Master taught us to do. The licenses are nothing more than a piece of paper. However, that piece of paper indeed has great legal weight to it.

      If people want to go and do what Paul is suggesting, absolutely go forth and conquer. But I could not sit by without saying something to warn people of potential problems associated with doing what Paul suggests doing. Otherwise, I would not have the love of Messiah in me. Isn’t that what we all should have and exercise?

      The other thing is pray. Ask Father for direction on what’s the best course of action. That’s not being emphasized enough here.

    • It’s Not As You Perceive I understand and have less that a full year of reading and altering my life to line up with TORAH. I jusr know that you can leave the inheritence before you doe so that you don’t have to go thru courts so they molest your life savings by taking up to 30% for death taxes and inheritence taxes.

  8. Thanks Paul, really was interested in more information in regards to your point of view on your last video. In the light that our government has legalized same sex marriages in most states, for a believer a marriage license really shouldn’t hold no authority. Just my humble opinion……

  9. Shalom, I agree 100% the man-made government should never have control over your life. You should only be controlled and blessed by yahweh’s government.

  10. Paul, you should do a study and make a video about the reliability of the new testament.

    The new testament has many conflicting errors from each copy to copy. Research this.

    The findings at qumran validates the jewish scriptures. As you are aware, the new testament has been compiled through the catholic church. Further, we no longer have any new testment writings that are original, just fragments of copies from copies.

    You should heavily research this to proof what you believe for you, your listeners and your family.

  11. I am not married and have started stacking silver for the bride price when I do find a worthy bride so I can go to her father and get his blessing.

    • How wonderful! There are no words to express my heartfelt peace at hearing of some one doing the honorable things of the past with forethought & planning. I truly pray that you’ll be blessed with the perfect wife. Shalom & Hallelujah!

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