Dr. Bisci talks about how health begins with "what you leave out of your diet" and the God-given remedial healing capability that influence the genetic expression of the body.

Fred Bisci has a PhD in Nutritional Science and has run an active, pioneering practice in NYC for over forty years. His website is www.fredbisci4health.com


One thought on “50 Year Raw Vegan Doctor Says Health Begins with what you leave out of the diet!

  1. I consulted with Fred last year and took a friend to meet and talk with him. I wished I had spent the 3 hours on myself, however, I was really concerned that my friend had cancerous growth removed along with a hysterectomy. I didn’t see that I was in the process of getting macular pucker and a bit of CRVO. Also, an MD send I had a tendency toward glaucoma. Oh, Fred…I need to talk to you again and this time, be compliant.

    Yes, Fred is the best!

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