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Here is Part 2 to the Stanley Bass interview. It gets better and better. I have studied the raw diet for a long time and can tell you, Dr. Bass knows his stuff. He website is also full of great info.


19 thoughts on “91 year old raw foodist Dr. Stanley Bass Part 2.

  1. Hello SOL,

    “Inuit…. had high rates of osteoporosis. BEFORE they began eating processed food.”

    Could you please furnish any proof for such statements?

    You stated this as an unquestionable fact. I am willing to entertain such conclusions with supportive data.

    I (and I am sure others) reading the commentary for this video would deeply appreciate it.

  2. Interesting info. But there is one thing to realize that probably the Eskimos got everything they needed because they did not only eat the muscles of the animals but also the organs. Not many people are ready to eat all the organs including the eyes, testicles, placenta and so on.

  3. You’re right Gudni. “Not many people are ready to eat all the organs”.

    I’m not many people and I’ve eaten the raw organs and raw glands of various grass-fed and wild ruminants regularaly for the last 4 years. Liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys, adrenals, brain, testicles, etc. I also consume a copoius quantity of raw bone marrow.

    Ancient peoples knew well that like organs and glands regenerate & build the same organs and glands within the human organism. Be well brother!

  4. I can’t see why Natural Hygiene people would get nutritional deficiencies (more than the average person). Sould be the other way around according to the principals, which I understand since I’ve been eating that way for 17 years. .. and doing well.

    So are:
    Mr & Mrs Diamond
    The Juiceman
    Doug – the Man – Graham

    So did Paul Bragg

  5. There are a lot of tropical animals that DO NOT eat animals. Whatever animals have in them – I am an animal and ALSO HAVE. (I can’t believe I keep having this argument with people who should know better)

    I eat 16 fruits a day …… and I’m liking veggies More and MORE.

  6. @KingOfKingz911 Do you know the definition of fool? . . .Unwise. If this man is 91 and looks like hes 60, can communicate clearly without pausing in-between sentences, and write a book in his 90’s; when most of the other humans have died off or are mentally ill then how is he foolish? You trying to act like you are smart by making him look not so wise(which doesn’t make sense in the example you provided) is a foolish move on your part. Karma comes back to you.

  7. I’ve read somewhere that another way of obtaining Vitamin B-12 is by (pardon the language) eating one’s own feces. The reason why we either need to eat meat or eat poop is because Vitamin B-12 is put back into our completely digested food, in our large intestine, and then we get rid of it. This is part of the reason why so many animals will sometimes eat their own… stuff, particularly herbivores. So vegans, which do you prefer: supplements, meat, or poop?

  8. Vitamin B12 gets absorbed from colon. Check article “Role of intestinal bacteria in nutrient metabolism.”

    It sais: “The human large intestine contains a microbiota, the components of which are generically complex and metabolically diverse. Its primary function is to salvage energy from carbohydrate not digested in the upper gut. This is achieved through fermentation and ABSOBTION of the major products, short chain fatty acids (SCFA)”

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