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Here is Part 4 to the Stanley Bass interview. Many people have asked me what I think about this interview, I will be posting a video reply in my next episode after this one.


20 thoughts on “91 year old raw foodist Dr. Stanley Bass Part 4

  1. “i wonder if they had been vegans maybe they would have live into there hundreds ! ”

    Well, based on the fact that we have no living evidence ever of anyone living beyond 100 while being vegan I doubt that this would have played out as you state.

  2. “Meat eaters will get cancer.”

    Cooked meat eaters will develop cancer cells to dissolve the AGE’s and heterocyclic amines created in the cooking process. Cancer cells being employed is a natural process. Dr. Bass does not cook his food.

    Why the emotional and dramatic tirade? How about some substance?

    “They are on earth to balance the negative atmosphere.”

    You truly believe this statement?

  3. @poemforana

    Paul may want to include Stanley’s website in the description text.

    His website is …


    … if you are genuinely interested in checking out the emperor’s garb.

  4. I’ve been vegan 9 years; I have lifelong vegan kids, absolutely no “cheating”, and no deficiencies shown in complete bloodwork. We aren’t 100% raw, by the way. But since we are all thriving, healthier than anybody else we know (especially the kids!), how can we tell we have deficiencies? If bloodwork doesn’t show it and we feel fantastic…how can we know? What signs would we look for? I would have liked to hear more about that.

  5. interesting. This christmas I visited my grandma. She is 94 and in good health, mentally and physically. She survived two world wars, drinks and smokes daily, but she doesn’t eat a lot. I guess diets a very personal and you should eat whatever you like, as long as you eat with moderation and keep the prefabbed processed food out (like white sugar).

  6. 1. They had “degenerative diseases” on the “ultimate raw food diet” of raw “goat’s milk, honey and grains” ?? Um, no wonder. Sorry, but I don’t consider those part of any ultimate raw food diet.

    2. So the only way to survive on a vegan diet is to cheat? Interesting. Gee, must have been those 2 t. of cheese I had by mistake back in 2002 that’s been carrying me through the last 8 years, lol. Hogwash.

    Otherwise, still cool to see such an interview. Thanks.

  7. i think nutrition is more than just physical food.
    it also includes your surroundings (city or nature?)
    your thoughts, your emotions and even your actions.

  8. Bleeding heart liberal. Ever hear of the studies which show that if you talk to a plant it grows faster than one who you don’t? Are you saying plants are not living entities? Yet you eat them. And when you walk outside you step on ants and kill them. You just see the world in whatever way best suits your philosophy and prejudices. Vegans are equivalent to most religious people who are the most hypocritical as they come. Always judging others while they sin themselves.

  9. He doesn’t consider them part of a ultimate raw food diet either, thats why he says they had degenerative diseases. He was making a point on modern misinformation.

    just saw this was 2 years ago…. YOLO

  10. Stop supplementing for at least 3 years, and then see for yourself what happens. Then come back here and tell us. Its the only way you could know.

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