A great way to promote The Gospel and let others know about Yeshua!.

Check out these great Yeshua shirts at

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19 thoughts on “A Great Way to Promote The Gospel

  1. Please pray that YHWH supplies me a job, I would very much like to purchase a hat and a couple of t-shirts if that be YHWH’s will. May YHWH Highly Favour you and Guard you, May YHWH turn HIS Expressions to you and bow down to serve you, May YHWH turn HIS FACE to you and give you HIS Shalom that surpasses all understanding. May the dust of Rabbi Yeshua cling to you.

  2. Only problem is the shirts are made of a mixture of cotton and polyester. The Torah forbids the mixing of wool and cotton. I don’t know about a man made product and cotton?

  3. True but the principle is not to mix. Seeds. Idols and God. Wool cotton. Clean and unclean. I don’t have a problem but some I know do and I think they have a point. Food for thought.

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