14 thoughts on “A Nigun – Ein Ode

  1. Beautiful rendition, thank you!
    I believe the video should read, “Hashem Hu HaElokim”, rather than “Asher Hu HaElokim” (those are the words in the verse)
    May it bring blessings

  2. I’ve been listening to your series of lessons and honestly I learned a lot… I felt grateful with the things that i have learned with the lessons and honestly it helped me a lot. I wanted to know more about Hebrew and I am very eager on learning a lot about it. may adonai give you the kind of Shalom you needed everyday. Thank you very much for making your lessons and uploading it in you tube. coz’ it made a big difference in me but also to the ones listening from it. toda raba and shalom …

  3. I began to study Hebrew last week and found your lessons yesterday.  I will follow the plan and listen to my lectures on each letter.  I have not decided on the Hebrew Bible to acquire or how.  I entend to read it in the language of God.  Any suggestions?  Thank you for your lesson plan!

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