From Joshua Aaron's latest album, "You Are Holy". One of the oldest Hebrew texts ever found contains this ancient prayer known as the "Aaronic Benediction", taken from Numbers chapter 6. Written, played and sung by Misha Goetz. Harmony vocals by Joshua Aaron. Available at: or on iTunes at .


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  1. When I was still a child growing up Jewish (my twin brother and I was adopted from birth and raised Jewish), every Saturday in shull the Rabbi used to say the Aaron’s Benediction before we sang the last song and went home. That was from the early sixties until we moved, but to this day this benediction has stayed in my heart, but Jesus has made it more real for me- as did the entire old testament through the blood of Jesus! God bless you Joshua- I bless you and your family in the name of Yeshua! ♡♥♡

  2. aaronic benediction/blessing spoken thru levitical priesthood was valid in time before Yeshua/Jesus sacrifice Book of Hebrews explaining perfectly why;now priesthood of Most High God coming exclussivly thru Judah tribe  and to speak some blessing promiting aaronic/benediction Lord Jesus could be insulted.

    • Thats one of the stupidest things I EVER heard! You are placing Yehova’s name upon other people through this blessing! Whoever is insulted by that is from the devil. Besides, if you read the book of Eziquiel, chapters 42 and on, you will see than IN the third temple, AFTER the coming of Messiah, THE SONS OF AARON, through Zadok, will be serving at the Temple.

    • +Tzvi f Shalom and praise great I AM  little info after debakle of nation israel from tiime of solomon and destruction of jerusalemin 6bce  to 70 ad truth is that blessed people of israel was leaded astray by ruling class please read book of Jeremiah  & Isaiah and bythe way God was annuled corrupted leviticul priesthood please read  lamentations 2,1/22  and book of Hebrews 7 & 8 chapter  1 Peter 2:5/9  Revelation 1:5/7  there is new priesthood of Most High God and they are followers of GODs Son Jesus in last 2000y with blessed name Christians and i think that  blessed GOD will not replace new with old that HE EL  was rebuke in anger     

    • +Tzvi f by the way The Name Jehovah(latin/german) i do not use but Yahweh from 4 letter tetagramaton YHWH if someone would use The Name on self i think that I AM would react first with warning and little latter with unpleasent punishment !

  3. I wrote from Argentina. You and your famil reflect the God’s heart. My family and me love your people and we pray for your salvation. Our God reings! How God loves Israel! God bless you.

  4. i love this song Joshua, not just in my spirit but in my blood and cell too… something burn in me… ADONAI YESHUA Bless You, You are one of my Favorites YESHUA’s Worshipper… Toda Joshua…

  5. Aaronic BenedictionMay the Lord, May the Lord bless and keep you
    May his grace and his face shine upon you
    May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you
    And give you peace, and give you peace.
    (Repeat English )Hebrew:
    Y’varech’cha Adonai v’yishm’recha;
    yaer panav alecha vichuneka;
    yisa Adonai panav alecha
    v’yaseml’cha shalom
    v’yaseml’cha shalomBridge
    This is the way
    You shall be blessed
    From day to day
    He’ll be your restMay the Lord, May the Lord bless and keep you
    May his grace and his face shine upon you
    May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you
    And give you peace, and give you peace.
    And give you peace, and give you peace.

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