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Messianic Worship leader, Joshua Aaron singing "Adon Ata Ori".
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The lyrics:
Adon Ata Ori, ubecha ani tamid evtach
(Lord you are my light, and in you I will always trust)
Sim oti mitachat liknafecha
(Put me under your wings)
Hitkarev elai she'uchal lirot et panecha
(Draw me close to you that I can see your face)
Ani rotzeh yoter mimcha Adon pachot mimeni
(I want more of you Lord, less of me)


6 thoughts on “Adon Ata Ori – Lord, You are my Light

  1. How can i get the chords for this song ? I’m writeing a international book “Messianic Festivals”, and I want to attach after every festival a some songs translated to every language in wich the books wil be published. Shalom.

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