20 thoughts on “Adrenal Fatigue and Dental Issues

  1. One last thing… check in the mirror to see if you have silver fillings.

    If you do please watch “Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas” on Youtube. Scary stuff.

  2. What are the best replacements for almagams? Pros and cons of the replacemtns?

    Also, how are cracked/broken almagams health wise in comparison to ones that aren’t?

  3. Hi. Dr. Pompla stated that he’s not a fan of metal in the mouth. I am wearing orthodontic braces to straighten my teeth. Is this category of orthodontic appliance safe? (My treatment is 2 years, I’ve gone six months out of the two-year requirement).

  4. Help! how do you find out if you have Mercury poisoning? I’m looking for answers to my health issues! It’s so complex.. but you had my symptoms. whats the first step?

  5. A doctors blood test for mercury will always show zero.
    I went to six doctors and they all told me I was fine.
    I found out that mercury is not in the blood, it hides in organs and tissues… you need to find a wellness centre that does heavy metal testing.

    They will give you a chelator (dmsa, or dmps) which pulls the metals from your tissues and dumps them in your blood, this way you get an accurate reading.

    You take a pill or needle, wait an hour or so then you pee in a cup.
    Message me

  6. You need to have all the mercury removed before the test or you will get very sick.
    The chelators are so strong they can pull mercury out of your fillings and send it to your brain or organs making you sick!
    The first step you must do is remove all the mercury from your teeth, and it must be done in a safe way by a mercury-safe dentist using a dental dam, air suction. Fillings should be kept cool using large amounts of cold-water spray during extraction. If you want to talk I am always here.

  7. Thanks. I’ve subsequently been doing some reading and found a site that stated that nickel-a metal component of braces could have toxic effects, though in no wise comparable to dental amalgams. That’s interesting. I haven’t had a reaction so far. Let’s see how it plays out.

  8. I disagree w/this. Look at Paul, he`s this long time health food guru yet he said he had 30 fillings at 1 time! I`ve heard a lot of other vegetarians & health food gurus talk about having a lot of tooth decay. It would seem like health food would equal healthy teeth but it`s not the case. I grew up on junk food but didn`t ever have a cavitity until I got pregnant in my 30`s & that was my 4th pregnancy. I think there`s more to tooth decay than we know right now.

  9. He probably had those from when he was eating the SAD. I’ve gotten cavities on and off throughout my life, but haven’t had any since committing to a whole foods vegan diet. A lot of it has to do with the strength of your immune system/body’s ability to fight off infection as well, which a diet high in fruits and vegetables would help with.

  10. 30 cativites is a LOT! He would have to clarify what he was eating when he got all those cativites but I`m not convinced SAD is the reason for bad teeth, but at the same time, I don`t know the reason. I grew up on SAD & no cavities. I moved to Japan where ppl have very good diets but horrible teeth & it is here where I improved my eating but got my 1st cavity. I think there is more to cavities than just food & oral hygiene, but no one seems to research that so I don`t know the answer.

  11. cont. I agree that the immune system probably plays a part in tooth strength/decay, but I think there are other things too. For example, in Japan I have seen little kids just coming off breastmilk with tooth decay yet the baby is perfectly healthy. I see kids with literally rotten teeth but they are healthy. My daughter eats a very good diet, brushes, flosses, & gargles but at 7 got 2 big holes in her teeth while my 8th grade son eats the same yet doesn`t care for his teeth & has no cavities.

  12. Dehydration is another important factor, but poor nutrition is probably the biggest. Dental issues occur over a long period of time and most of us in the modern industrialized world didn’t grow up eating a healthy diet; we grew up eating sugary cereals, school cafeteria food, candy, etc. A lot of long-term health problems, including dental issues stem from what you ate many years ago, not just what you currently eat. I don’t completely understand it either, but diet definitely plays a role.

  13. I agree that diet, hydration, hygiene, immune system all must play a part in dental health as well as physical health, & perhaps stress, prenatal care, genes, and environmental factors play a part too, but I think there is at least 1 other factor that plays a huge part & that factor I don`t know. I think there is some factor that no one has figured out yet & that factor could make a big difference in dental health b/c healthy ppl usually (cont).

  14. cont. look after all the factors mentioned (except genes which they have no control of) yet we still see some vegetarians & ppl living very healthy lifestyles getting cavities & some ppl living unhealthy lifestyles w/no or fewer cavities. I really think there is some major additional factor we just aren`t getting. I also think if broken bones other places in our bodies can mend themselves in a cast, surely there`s a way teeth can mend themselves too but dental research doesn`t go there.

  15. I think I have this but maybe I’m wrong. Mine is slightly different than this. I went through a traumatic event 2 years ago and on top of that, I had a tooth that needed a root canal but I couldn’t afford it so my dentist just drilled a hole through and filled it with temporary filling. It fell out after a month and within a week, I felt incredibly exhausted and started waking up every half hour. I’m still severely exhausted to this day and I still wake up every half hour. I’m severely depressed, at the end of my rope and can no longer take the exhaustion I have to deal with every single day. I read somewhere else online about people who had an infection in their mouth and they got it resolved and their insomnia and exhaustion went away within a months time. I still don’t have enough for a dentist but am seeing if family will help me. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid but have no symptoms other than severe exhaustion and the medication I take doesn’t do anything for me as I still feel like dying as the exhaustion is so debilitating. :/

  16. How do you know if your fillings contain mercury? I have silver (colored) fillings on two teeth that I got in the mid-90’s .. do all fillings from that era contain mercury? I have been having a lot of odd symptoms… adrenal fatigue, candida, thyroid, blood sugar, swollen glands directly under filling on left side (under jaw), some hair loss, vision problems, etc.

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