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Many people have been waiting for the test results of Adya Clarity. Here are the test results!


15 thoughts on “Adya Clarity; The Test Results Are Finally Here!

  1. Paul Nison, thanks for sharing! Can you say whether you’ve had any positive effects from the Adya Clarity? I know you said you didn’t have any negative effects! That’s good to hear!

  2. The minerals in water are inorganic minerals and chemicals. These are the minerals that we don’t want inside us. The minerals in food are organic minerals. These are the minerals that we DO want inside us. The best water you can drink is distillled water. Search Andrew Norton Webber on YouTube and listen to what he has to say about this. Paul, I really think you should interview Andrew.

  3. What about the FDA results which show high levels of Aluminum . You cant test people for say 6 months and claim its ok . It take years and years of buildup to cause damage , Wake up FDA testing of this product shows the harmful substances it has.

  4. I am just giving people the information out there and people have to decide for themselves what is good or not. I’m doing my best to provide both sides of the story.

  5. I do so many things I can’t say if the positive things were do to the Adya Clarity or something else. However I did personally interview people who said they had amazing results.

  6. It was tested, and the contents were found to be unfit for human consumption! Not only is it bad science, it is unethical and immoral to make the assumption that just because a poison is not immediately present on a toxicity report, that it won’t later be found on an autopsy report! Yeshua’s blessings bro.

  7. there is NOTHING WRONG with adya clarity lol!! i have been taking it and my family for 3yrs….people just have to slam everything and believe anything bad lol! i still have my gal bladder bc of adya clarity and also my heartburn diminished after taking it….you have to take a month to feel the difference. OUR BODIES ARE THE TEST RESULTS LOL!!!

  8. The concern I have regarding the testing results- which weren’t actually shown as data-is that The Hippocrates Institute is not an unbiased third party. They promote and use the product and also are not a recognized medical facility. They have a philosophy of nutrition and disease treatment that I question. Also, blood tests are not an accurate indicator for toxic metals. They accumulate in tissues and organs. Other videos have water lab results of Adya which show high levels of aluminum and iron. I have studied minerals for years and do hair mineral analysis for myself. Toxic metals can perform the functions of preferred minerals poorly and temporarily which could explain why some people feel better. I have met people who use Adya who have memory and other problems. Please use with caution.

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