Afterburn: also known in the world of fitness as the “afterburn effect”, simply put; The more intense the exercise, the more oxygen your body consumes afterward. The same could be true as you build up your spiritual self. After an intense teaching session, you need answers as more thoughts and questions consume you in your spiritual growth.
Rabbi Steve Berkson, director of MTOI, provides an opportunity for the Afterburn to take place by additional thoughts and insight about what he just taught as well as answering questions from the local congregation and those watching on the live stream.
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2 thoughts on “Afterburn: Thoughts, Q&A on The Heart of the Matter – Part 63 – Hebrews & James

  1. Wow, the not being offended part. So clear and true. I’m not 100% there yet by far but thank you for the clarification and now I can move forward and ask ABBA for help in this matter. The Heart of the Matter. Shalom

  2. Thank you Rabbi Steve for this. I have listened to many different teachers and gleaned what I do believe the Holy Spirit helped me to glean from these teachings… and He has spoken through you many times to me. Feeling a need to connect more.

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