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  1. There’s one problem here with the teaching on context and what’s symbiotic.  Creativity is added to the science of the language.  In fact I’d call it Kabala.  There is a mixture of science with embellishment.  It would serve better to read the bible and cross reference and use the law of 1st mention (for that matter) than to pollute with embellishment.  You can’t do that with learning French, Italian, German etc.  To the extreme people who have schizophrenia are known to embellish to the point of being non-sequitur.  The elements of carbon is like a root word.  From there you can have a tree or human made of carbon.  Yes, both are living but they can’t reproduce to form pinnochio.

    • Not to argue your point, because your conclusions can be valid, but the Paleo-Hebrew is symbolic in its design. Rest assured there is a useful purpose in God’s original language and its symbolic design.

    • Right.  Well, moving forward.  I think there is strong evidence of cross pollination of different words with different roots but often share in at least one letter.  The word “word”  (D, R) is a head going back and forth creating order.  But (A, R) light is a head a result of being in its presence.  Things are selected and put into an ark.  The family of the head is like gathering grain which is (B,R).  When we see the head (R) we behold it or (Hey!, resh).  This “light” is never put into a bushel but is indeed the word for mountain (HaR).  Kiss the Son (BR although it’s Aramaic)  This BR is the RB – the ruler (majesty and increase).  For he is high and lifted up (samech resh):  to rule.   So, (even so is samech) this (the thet) is only one example.

    • It is an amazing design concept in the language, studies have found young kids can quickly learn and adapt to it because of the nature of the design.
      Everything is an offshoot of the base and the base can have multiple inferences depending on the symbols associated with it.
      Not touting Brad Scott too much, in part I disagree with his doctrine in some areas, but this study on the language is quite unique compared to other individuals and has some merit to his claims.
      No man has all the answers but we learn nothing without studious observation of what others say.

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