4 thoughts on “Ahayah vs Yahuah

  1. this is wrong … Ahayah is the name .. Yahawah is not the name .. Yahawah this the Cannanite God .. you get this understanding from understanding that the most high Alahym is plural not singular .. the name AHAYAH means “I am everything”

    Yahawah means
    “he Exist or He of Mischief”

    1John 5:7 gives you proof that their are more that 1 main power

    • @ryan lacour It is not wrong. Yahuah is the third person form of Huah or Hayah. You wouldn’t say “l” because you aren’t the father. The name Yahuah is in the scriptures almost 7000 times. Show me a scripture that predates the ones with Yahuah that doesn’t have that name. There is no proof of that.

    • I Am Zohara
      Right! I just learned in detail about YAHUAH about 2 months ago. It makes perfect sense to me. Thank you for this short and simple video that tells it like it is!

  2. YAHUAH is the Name the Father gave. These people who argue to proclaim AHAYAH as if it is a DIFFERENT NAME THAN YAHUAH, need to go back and study Hebrew grammar, NOT Strong’s concordance! Strong’s concordance ONLY gives definitions. It does not teach Hebrew grammar. I am NOT a Hebrew scholar, but even a Hebrew student can understand that grammar is important. Shalom.

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