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8 thoughts on “Airport Food

  1. Hey Paul, have you seen this new app that allows people share fruit and vegetables for free or for cheap? You type in your location and it shows a map of all the people in your area giving away different types of produce. You can also give away some as well. It’s basically a peer to peer network for vegans. This is the link:

  2. I don’t eat at the airport or on flights.Ā  Truth be told, I’m afraid!Ā  I eat at home and useĀ the timeĀ as an opportunity to fast.

  3. Before i became raw i was in Mexico and i ate lots of vert spicy tacos on the airport before my 13hours flight, i can tell you that was one of the worst things i have done when it comes to food. The food served on the planes is horrible and you gotta be lucky if they even have a fruit for you.

    Another problem we have here in Europe is that they basically dont allow any food to be brought onboard that you didnt buy on the airport inside of the customs, they take your bananas and throw them away…

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