20 thoughts on “All about beards. Healthy and natural! #158

  1. Ummm…Ive never had a hygiene issue with armpit hair and Im 30.

    A little man-scaping down low is nice for aesthetics , and the ladies tend to prefer it that way

  2. That’s a freaking awesome quote! “God made beards, men made razors.” I’m totally using that from now on! I don’t always have a full beard but my sideburns are very important to me, lol. I was actually given the nickname burns recently because of it XD!

  3. I can crow a full beard, I just let it grow for like a month in a half then I always shave because it’s starts getting big and busy and people always say stuff about it like “shave” or it’s “scraggly” I don’t know why I always listen I should do wht I want right now I have a goatee but I feel like growing my beard back I’m 19 and am lucky to be able to grow as much as I can i should show it off ill give it another shot

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