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I've learned much about fasting over the years, but this year I completed a 30-day water fast and it really taught me so much. Check out this lecture about fasting

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8 thoughts on “All About Fasting

  1. I fasted for 40 days with water and bread, but I couldn’t do it with out Jesus my lord, because I invited him to do it for me, I atended mass everyday, adoration of the holy sacrament, confession every week, I prayed the rosary everyday, divine mercy chaplet and personal prayers. It was a spiritual fasting. I did other
    Fasting up to 3 days with no water and no food. The Saint Paul fasting.
    Praise the lord!

    • Get out of the Catholic Church beloved. It’s the Babylon beast. I used to be a Catholic too I understand… Please don’t be decieved. Lord means baal, His name is Yeshua not jesus… Praying to mary is idoltry… Sunday mass is pagan sun worship… I know it’s hard but please get away from that demon filled church beloved.

  2. Girls can wear makeup to hide the fast. I get extremely pale and look bad. I get low blood pressure and anemia so fainting or blacking out is typical for me even for a short term fast. But the trade off is is that I get to be closer to my Lord and there is no better feeling. The first time I fasted I was 38 and got so sick….like food pisoning and a hang over, vomiting, sick etc…That is how toxic my poor body was…My next fast was for 4 days and I had a beautful spiritual experience. I do NOT like to fast. It is painful and unpleasant in the first days so I have never gone long term. I struggle just to get a day or two in every couple of months.

  3. Great video. Just finished a 26-day water fast myself and can relate to so much of what you talked about experiencing. Fasting is a powerful way to strengthen ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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