29 thoughts on “All about the superfood Moringa

  1. Hi. Just want to share that we have 3 moringa trees that grew from the cuttings that my cousin brought. The cuttings have 1 – 1.5 inches in diameter and 3ft long. I make smoothies with it.

    • no wonder we call moringa almost the same as muranggay in Tamil because some folks from your country migrated to the Philippines thousands of years ago whose ancient name was Ophir another of so many proof that your people had been here was we call jack fruit as Langka another was my in-law the father of my wife look like Sri Lankan more that a Filipino, the Filipino stock is Asian Polynesian

    • moringa or we call it as malunggay grows easily in our country in fact just push it down an inch deep in the soil in any vacant lot and it grows without tending for it for just a day or two, my wife planted two of such plant behind our house and on a front vacant lot and its been 5 years since it was planted. the neighbors keep trimming them for they grow so fast to the degree that you won’t expect it to grow again and yet it grows again well without watering it so it is really a never die plant

  2. Moringa was in our backyard and we  had no idea about its beneficial, we cut it down.. Today i have more than 30 small Moringa trees in my farm and i am to plant more around my farm. Yes

  3. as You have a Big Farm Producing Moringa Leaves and Powder, why You didn’t share all process of Planting, Harvesting and Packing Your Product?
    if so, We will appreciate Your Effort.

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