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In this video I interviewed Christians who have been blessed by the Torah Life.


20 thoughts on “All Christians Should Try This

  1. Jesus is the Torah (Word) made flesh. Don’t be afraid of letting go of the untruths learned in the church. We have all been there. We are called to walk as He walked, right? He walked obeying and teaching the Torah to it’s highest meaning. It’s doesn’t mean we will be perfect, His atonement is there for us when we fall. But, the obedience is the fruit of our salvation. I always wondered what I was supposed to obey. Now I see. It’s been the Torah all along w/fruits of the Spirit. Shalom.

  2. Shalom, The deeper we go into the Word the deeper the revelation knowledge we receive. And we should also be aware that there has been a change in the Law due to Messiah Yashua. There is a truth of revelation that we as the people of Elohim have received as we walk in newness of life. This true covenant relationship with Yashua is the true covenant relationship with Abba are heavenly Father…Tzuriel

  3. We, non-Jews, are grafted into Israel (Eph 2). The Torah is our constitution. It is how to walk in righteousness. The Torah is known as the Way, Truth, and Light/Life. Yeshua is the Way,Truth, and Life because He is the Torah made flesh.

    Ps 119:1 Blessed are the perfect in THE WAY, Who walk in the Torah of יהוה!
    Ps 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet And a LIGHT to my path.
    Ps 119:142 Your righteousness is righteousness forever, And Your Torah is TRUTH.
    Prov 3:1-2

  4. Shalom b’ Yahshua,
    Yahshua is the Offered LAMB from Yahuvah. No greater love has any man that he should send His Only Son into the world as an offering for the sins of those who are yet in sin, to fulfill the WORD spoken by Avraham – Yahuvah will provide a LAMB for an offering. Gen 22:7-8 (Beresh’t 22)
    Baruch, haShem Yahuvah, haOlam!
    (Blessed is YHVH forever!)

  5. FABULOUS VIDEO!!! It was simply amazing to listen in and to actually witness in these mens voices the unspeakable joy. Everyone needs to see this.

  6. Momelock How do you explain Romans 11? How are the Gentiles (non blooded Jews) to provoke Israel into jealous love so that they can cry out, “blessed is He who comes in the name of The Lord,” (Matt. 23:39) when Gentiles go on believing that they are already Israel!? Lol! defeats the purpose of the Gospel! I agree that we are grafted into Israel by faith (Hebrews 11), however the fulfilment is NOT yet established and will NOT be until Yeshua returns and establishes His Kingdom (Ezekiel 37)

  7. Not everyone that’s call themselves Jews is a Jew. who is a Jew?, but he that put his faith in the messiah and keep his commandments.Friend they’re Jew by name or Israel by name, but not the true Israel. for we’re the true children’s of God, who believe upon Jesus Christ to be justify form sin and walk in newness of life. do you understand now? if not I could say it in a different way. much love friend.” Now are we children of God” 1 John 3:2. What’s the meaning of Israel? be bless friend.

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