19 thoughts on “All-Pro NFL Running Back Arian Foster Goes Vegan

  1. There are quite a few vegan body builders that have bulked up on plant foods. See the book Vegan Bodybuilding.

    I’m not bulked up or a noted athlete, but peole are liking my new video, “50th Birthday Full Iron Triathlon, Testing plant based nutrition” here on youtube.

    I’ve been 100% plant based in nutriton for over 20 months. I doubt I’d have ever attempted a full iron distance tri before changing my diet, which made me feel decades younger.

  2. Skateboarding and NFL are two very different sports. Football uses more fast twitch muscle fibers in bursts whereas skateboarding uses less strength but more endurance, balance, and coordination. I am looking forward with an open mind to see how this goes for him.

  3. True, it goes down in the books as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. U don’t have to be Vegan to live healthfully, but meat/animal protein should be a smaller part of the diet, and be combined with veg/greens & not starches like the standard American diet. Most athletes also have youth on their side, but a diet in excess protein will wear those joints and body parts out at an earlier age. Lots of success stories of people eliminating degenerative diseases on a “healthy” vegan diet

  4. Tony gonzales of the atlanta falcons did a vegan experiment also. All the vegsns were singing his praises too for awhile, until it came out that over time he started losing strength stamina ect and incorporated grass fed animal foods back into his diet. we’ll see h ow long fosters experiment lasts, .my moneys on not long

  5. its funny anytime i hear someone talk about protein, they always fail to mention that all protein comes from plants anyways, the only reason animal flesh contain protein is because they consume plants ! please mention these important facts more often people

  6. And? And they weren’t dying from it before. Next you know you’re going to tell me that vegans shouldn’t use any part of any animals even if they are dead.

  7. They are very ignorant on health and diet, just meatheads. Many dr’s and dieticians endorse it. Many triathletes, olympians, natural body builders and pro-athletes (NFL, UFC, NBA) are vegan. Mike Tyson, Jake Shields, Mac Danzig, Rickey Williams, Tony Gonzalez, Prince Fielder…look up vegan athletes video. Most consider it an advantage to eat healthy lol.

    MeatVideo dotcom – factory farms. VeganBodyBuilding dotcom, VeganHealth dotorg – Registered Dietician, PCRM dotorg Dr’s, VegCooking dotcom

  8. um the average life span is 70 years cuz everyone is eating meat people on vegan diets life 85-120+ years and actually can still freely move effieciently past 100 years walk around and everything lol

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