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25 thoughts on “All Viruses are a result of Sin

  1. He said if we obey his commands we would never taste death. I believe it literally. I believe that I shall see his return, in this age, with this pair of eyes. The Crown virus is God’s indignation being poured out upon this Earth because of its wickedness. Indignation is not punishment, it’s sadness. His sadness because of our wickedness. Shalom

  2. While I appreciate your warning, I know of Godly people who have died from Covid 19. Pastor Steve Mitchell from Fellowship Baptist Church in Sunbury Ohio is one such example 🤔. Just a thought Brother 🙏👑🇮🇱❤️

    • I am sad to hear about anyone who dies from Covid or any other disease, I don’t want to upset you but most baptist do not follow the Commandments of the Bible. In fact they teach against them. Most so-called Christians do not follow them. it is taught in the church today that we no longer need to follow the commandemnts. As I said, Sin has consequences.

    • @Torah Life Ministries I understand that position well as a Gentle Believer. Pastor Steve Mitchell would have agreed with you to a point as a Gentile Believer as well. It’s also written- in this life we will experience trials and tribulations.
      I often wonder if the point of all this life is to prove that man is incapable of ruling over men and all that YAHWEH created. My understanding at this point is to be prepared for what is coming to this earth and eagerly cry out MARANATHA as we await His New Kingdom!

  3. Thank you Paul, Could you imagine if pastors started preaching this message? Half the church would drop to their knees right there. Shalom brother

    • I wish they would. I have said so many things to people I went to church with. Even the pastor I pleaded with for over an hour. All I got was ” Tara, we are saved by grace, you getting dangerously close to relying on your good works to get you to heaven”
      Even after I said, no I am not saying we are saved by what we do, I am saying that we DO the works because we are told to obey, we need to be obedient. Needless to say we went around and around. Felt like I was on a Merry go round. I finally walked away and said let the creator who created both of us judge. So, I dont think they will be dropping . Sad

  4. Thanks Yahweh I need to here is I came to work just joyful to day. Then let the enemy suck me in to a argument with one of my coworker. And my joy was gone. Had to go and pray but it was hard to get it back. Thank Yahshua and Yahweh for forgiveness.

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