There’s a lot of misinformation out there about how to understand the original words of the Bible. So how do you get the truth? Hebrew scholar Nehemia Gordon shares some insight with Michael Rood!

And later, hear the first episode from Michael's teaching, "Famous Last Words": Last words are not always famous… unless you’re a prophet of the Almighty. Moses, King David, Solomon and Peter each had “famous last words” of wisdom that are as relevant today as when they were written — but are we listening? In this teaching, Michael delves into the final messages of some of the Bible’s most powerful figures.

*Restoring the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith!*

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9 thoughts on “Allah or Elohim? (with Michael Rood & Nehemia Gordon) – Shabbat Night Live – August 26, 2016

  1. Are you telling me that my calendar is wrong?

    I do not want to be disobedient God.

    When is Sukkot? My calendar says October. Erev Sukkot is 16th of October or the 14th of Tishrei.

    I thought I came out of the land of confusion. Now I’m just confused.

  2. Wonderful video – Thank you for your scholarship and sharing your knowledge with others. I feel ” the church” failed in leadership and guidance for parishioners in understanding so many basic things in the scriptures. Thank you Michael and crew for filling that gap. I have studied scriptures more now than I ever did before. Thank you Annie and Nehemiah. Hard to wait for the Karaite Files-

  3. From Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon:

    422 ‘alah aw-law’ a primitive root; properly, to adjure, i.e. (usually in a bad sense) imprecate:–adjure, curse, swear.

    423 ‘alah aw-law’ from 422; an imprecation:–curse, cursing, execration, oath, swearing.

    “Allah” means curse in Hebrew.

  4. Thank you for your program, YeHoVaH brought this into my life at a critical point in my personal walk with Him and a crucial point of my church.

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