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Dr. Bass understands the amount of food we eat has everything to do with our longevity. Dr. Bass gives some great history and advice in this interview. He looks better than most people I know 20 years younger than him. Dr. Bass is 91 years old and in wonderful shape so if you agree with him or not you can't argue that what is does won't work.


23 thoughts on “amazing 91 year old raw foodist!

  1. I’m not so sure giving up fruit is the answer. And he says he gave up ALL fruit…does that include cucumbers, tomatoes and other non-sweet fruit. I agree that overeating is a huge contributor to our health issues and dis-eases but regular sleep habits are important too. And also, I noticed Dr Bass sounded a bit nasally…possibly from dairy and/or meat??

  2. No. On his website(and in the later parts of this interview series), when he gave up fruit, the succulent vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, etc) replaced the succulence of fruit. Also, all vegetables became sweet to his taste buds. Granted, I too wonder if giving up ALL fruit is necessary. However, excess sugar contributes to many diseases, if ot all of them…. so perhaps very minimal fruit won’t be too bad. Just speculating here.

    • Devildog92Kgm WRONG!!! Fruit is great for you in unlimited quantities. It’s natural sugar. Please do some research. Our brains take natural sugar for energy. I eat as much fruit as I want and I mean A LOT!! I’ve lost 102 lbs and have perfect blood pressure and sugar levels. My blood work and vitals are better than anyone my doctor’s ever seen and all I eat is fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and seeds. And believe me I eat so much fruit. My diet is about 99% fruit and I’ve healed my teeth, nerve pain, headaches, depression, and negativity in general. Please take it from someone who is on the road to explain what it’s like. People need to start eating fruit without fear!! Be your own doctor now and start researching. I’d be glad to help anyone for free with the knowledge I have (30+ years). Email me mistymorley @ Yahoo. Com

  3. Yeah, I just think everyone’s different (although that’s an unpopular theory). Just saw a story about what Betty White eats at 91…hot dogs and french fries and she seems pretty energetic to me. Ha! Maybe it’s all in how we think about it. 🙂
    And I’m with you on the fruit. Pretty tough to drink down a green smoothie without some fruit in there.

  4. No fruit? Fruit is god’s food. Of course you don’t want too much at one time because of the sugar, but of course people can eat some fruit. Berries for instance are loaded with antioxidants, and not too much sugar.

    • cookletsdothis the sugar in fruit is natural sugar that your brain uses for energy. educate yourself before misguiding others. I’d be glad to help anyone for free .. mistymorley @ Yahoo. Com

  5. Crazy clip. Fabulous vid. My buddy was formerly overweight. He went from 290lbs of pure fat to 210 lbs of complete lean muscle. I couldn’t believe it! I just subscribed personally because I wanna beef up. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  6. It’s always great to see an elder living and thriving well. Thanks for posting this interview. I’ve been a health food, organic and mostly veggie person for over 35 years, so don’t get me wrong when I state this, but my dad is 98 years old and he eats some red meat and cooked conventional veggies just about every evening for dinner and he looks and sounds much better than Dr Bass. The only supplement he takes is Vit E which he’s been taking regularly for years. He just stopped driving this year and he walks and cycles all over town at this point. My dad has always been an under-eater. He has always done a lot of walking all his life and he has never indulged in any vices such as alcohol or smoking etc. He’s also always been an early to bed & early to rise fellow and only missed one day of work in over 40 years. This along with his slim body IMO is what has supported his health so well, as well as his religious faith and positive mind. I think I only saw him catch a cold twice in my whole life and I’m 57. He is blessed with a slim body from his ancestors and that certainly helps. He only takes one medication (a statin), and that is only because he thinks the doctor knows best, when in truth he would be a lot better off without the med and does not need it, but I can’t convince him of that.  … Anyway, just wanted to share.

  7. Rest in peace. Dr. Bass was an exceptional man. I spoke to him for an hour once and he was a wealth of knowledge. The obituary said that he was born in 1922 and he died in the year 2017. That means he died at 95 years old. So he was a lot younger in this video or do you think that someone has his birthday wrong? What do you think? Did he die at 99 years old or 95. He was my favorite natural doctor.

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