Today's video is about Professor Arnold Ehret. Professor Ehret is one of the greatest health authors ever. His story and writings are a must for anyone truly interested in health. Check out his site at


22 thoughts on “Amazing discovery Arnold Ehret books found

  1. Priceless ! He is gone but his spirit lives on eternally in all who follow his teaching. Love his books especially on fasting and of course the classic Mucus less diet healing system.

  2. Yes, Arnold Ehret books are classics. If you promote his teachings, why dont you follow his principles? Its pretty much the same as todays 801010 Diet, or Lowfat Raw Vegan Lifestyle, however you want to call it.

  3. That is quite a find. Arnold Ehret was the first book I read that change my mind about certain foods back in the early 1970’s. No need to have someone translate the book when you have iPhone or ipad2 provides instant translation — via camera! “Word Lens”, is the App. Or Scan a paper document to PDF then copy and past into google translator.

  4. My grandfather has followed Prof. Ehret diet for 30 yrs. now and he is in better health than any one else in the family. He is 86 remarried 10 yrs. ago . His crippling arthritis that he was diagonse with at the time he started the diet has completely cleared up. This diet is the true cure all but must be done in system as the Prof. teaches. Thank you for this vid.

  5. Thank you so much for the great video! I’ve practiced the Mucusless Diet for almost 9 years and it transformed my life several times. I was 280 pounds and suffering from daily migraines and sleep apnea; within 6 months I lost 100 pounds and got off all meds. I learned of the diet from some Cincinnati musicians and we ultimately formed a band called the Breathairean Ensemble. To hear and see more of my story, visit me on my channel! Peace, Love, and Breath! -Prof. Spira

  6. The cutting edge in crackpottery! Ehret claimed that you could get gonorrhea without having sex. Check the chapter on Ehret in Donna Kossy’s KOOKS for hilarious reading. It’s excellent.

  7. Great video! Alvin’s my cat. Check out a video of a 30 year practitioner of Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet talking about his 9 1/2 month long fasts on my channel!

  8. Considering the man has treated thousands of patients where you have treated none, I would be more likely to believe him over you. While I am in the medical field and find this to be a bit of a statement hard to swallow, I remain open to possibility and worth investigating more. Only a fool closes his mind when he has no first hand knowledge or experience to back up his opinion.

  9. What are you talking about? His philosophy isn’t anything like the 80/10/10 diet. The only thing he’s said that resembles that is the transition diet in one chapter talking about going from the standard diet to an all mono fruit diet. Read The Mucusless Diet.

  10. Apparently Fred Hirsch has an unpublished manuscript of Professor Ehret’s dealing with his view of Christ. It was deemed too controversial… Oh come on. 2013! I think I can handle it. I hope it gets published SOME DAY! I am sure it would be absolutely fascinating!

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