Great health advice over 100 years ago that is still valid today.


21 thoughts on “Amazing Health Advice from 1896 and Still Valid Today.

    • I eat so clean. Have insulin resistant issues on my bloodwork. Heart palps and such after certain fruits.
      Adrenals wake me up at 1am if i dont eat before bed. Any ideas for what i could try?

    • +thedurianking
      I am not sure of that.  There must be other factors as well, since my husband has eaten in such a holistic and organic and healthy way for so long and has ended up with type II Diabetes.  Now they say he should eat every 3 hours, which is way difficult to deal with.  I don’t begin eating until dinner time, so it seems time consuming to be making so many meals. 

  1. This is one of my all time favorite books! Her advice on nutrition and diet was far beyond her time. I believe it was given to her right from our Creator 🙂 Thank you for sharing <3

  2. Ive been following a few of Dr. Robert Cassars advice, mineralize your water with sole salt & ionic trace minerals & drink it when you have those light hungry feeling & eat when you have the “deep” hungry feeling aswell ~ Eat till you’re satisfied not till you’re full, once you can control this you will have sustained energy.
    From experience i have SO much energy between my meal when im drinking my water.
    I really recommend people have water with them all times & drink it throughout the day, im serious we need to take control of why were eating in the first place stop with the entertainment & stay actives to reprogram your mind/body/soul so you can erase the bored+Eating ignorance.
    Eating quality food is a must ~ Example of what i had earlier was about half cup of  quinoa + chopped romaine & tomato+ half an avocado+ alittle spray of sole salt ~ mix altogether & its was a simple balance meal.

    • Go on a micronutrient supplements first thing in the morning after you’ve had water let that digest for 20 min then take your micronutrient supplements first before you’ve eaten.  Once you start eating and then get into cooked foods it slows down the digestion process.  You can find some pretty high quality ones on best of luck!!

  3. Ellen White, the “prophet” of the Seventh Day Adventists. Good writings on nutrition and health. NOT the sole prophet of God.

    It is necessary to make this distinction, in my opinion.

  4. Please be careful when promoting Ellen G. White.  She prophesied things that didn’t come to pass, and Seventh Day Adventism teaches some unbiblical doctrines because of her.  Please pray about these issues.  Thank you.

    • 1Tim2, please qualify your statement. Exactly what did she prophesy that didn’t come to pass? Please let us know and where we can find the reference. Also, what unbiblical doctrines do Seventh Day Adventism teach. Please give reference for that also. Otherwise, what you are saying is an opinion and can’t be proven. 
      And Paul isn’t promoting EGW, he’s clearly promoting his “favorite health book” and the health principles that she wrote about, which by the way are spot on.

    • Many people say her prophesies did not come to pass….  Some of these are still to come!  This book is an excellent source of information on our bodies created by Yah. Many people do not want to acknowledge that Yah uses prophets in these days.  Scripture says: Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.
       Amos 3:7

    • +1Tim2modesthandmaid She met all of the biblical criteria for a legitimate prophet. She didn’t even use the label of prophet,; just a messenger pointing to the Bible, “the greater light”. I’d be a hardcore athiest if it wasn’t for her influence. The only reason she is so unknown to the world is due solely to the fact Satan absolutely despises what was revealed to her. Just as the prophets of the Bible were rejected and slandered by the majority of the people, so also is the case with this humble and godly woman. Joseph Smith and founders of many other true cults arose around the very time when Mrs. White experienced her first visions. Satan foresaw the calling of a modern-day prophet at this time and went to great lengths to raise up many counterfeits, so as to throw a wrench in a movement of God. I invite you to read through the last couple hundred pages of The Great Controversy, in which she unveils the end-time strategies of our Enemy with stunning accuracy so far in accordance with current events.

  5. People … People this has nothing to do with whether someone was a prophet or not … this has to do with health!  Mr. Nison was bringing this up because of the excellent health advice NOT because of ones status!  Problem is, most of us don’t want to make changes that will upset what we like to do!

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