This week on Shabbat Night Live, Michael Rood continues his series on The Jeremiah Verdict and how it relates to the current state of America. What makes us American? Find out this Friday Night!

Jeremiah’s warning to ancient Israel holds true for America today: If we do not heed the awakening trump to return to our founding principles, and if we do not return to the Torah, we will soon be taken captive by our enemies.
In this 8-part teaching series, Michael delves into the book of Jeremiah with the intention of exposing how America is falling into the same perversion as ancient Israel — a much-needed wake up call to those who seek the Truth.

CONDEMNATION: The Jeremiah Verdict is a call to action. You will be inspired to fast and to pray. You will discover radical new meaning in the book of Jeremiah, and you will be driven to keep the faith once delivered to the saints. All on this week’s episode of Shabbat Night Live!


19 thoughts on “American Government is Corrupt!

  1. Really the American government is flawed every government that has ever been on this planet has been flawed full of Corruption of one kind or another this is nothing new that you’re telling me next thing is this Will Rogers from the 1920s and 1930s said it quite well about our government he said that our Congress is the best Congress money can buy talk about something else that pertains to our Almighty God and we here on Earth I have great respect for you for speaking up and out two others that need the gospel and yes I need the gospel as well the more I get older the more I need that

  2. I am always filled with nauseous disgust whenever I hear politicians as well as celebrities say ‘God bless America’. Sky high hypocrisy. People should be saying, ‘America bless God’.

  3. We think we fight Corrupt man kind but we are fight higher powers that most do not even know of
    In the last days it will like Noah “look for them and awaken” the worlds Governments are covering up about the fallen ones that are coming and going

  4. Mr. Michael Rood, I hear your prayers, your passion, and your strong voice. I second all these things, and Woe to the NWO! YAH helps His people, and they will be completely destroyed.

  5. Plz tell me in Jeremiah God told him look through the wall..and he saw the priest doing this abominable thing burning incense 2 baal…was the incense marijuana?…

  6. So many preachers have taught that Satan is the owner of the world. There is a difference between an evil taskmaster and one who rightfully owns. In Genesis God put man in authority on the Earth. He made man in His own image and cast Satan down to the Earth, where every day he would be dominated by God’s own image. God’s command to man was to multiply and fill it, subdue it and rule over everything on, over, under and over the things in the seas. That was His eternal decree, He has never recanted or repealed that decree! Satan on the other hand uses man’s most basic sin, unbelief, to deceive and cause men to believe lies, and compromise man’s rule on the Earth. In the end man ends up doing Satan’s will on the Earth, thinking he is doing the right thing! Proverbs 14:12 tells us there is a way that seems right to man but the end of it results in death. In Deuteronomy God tells Israel He has set before them Life and Death, choose life that you might live!
    When Satan tempted Jesus, taking Him to an exceedingly high mountain and showing Him all the kingdom’s of men in the world, all Satan wanted was for Jesus to bow down and worship him, and he promised to give Jesus the kingdom’s. Jesus went directly to the Word of God and what it says about worship. He completely ignored the issue of who really is the rightful owner and heir of the Earth and all that is in it! The fact is Jesus is the only rightful heir! Sometimes es it is much better to let your enemy believe his own lies rather than correct him, Satan made a huge error here and totally lost it all, because he believed his own lie, thinking he could kill the heir and end up with everything. Was not to be, Praise to the Creator, He who is the Ancient of Days, and to His Son Yeshua, Jesus! And now we get the opportunity to inherit with the Son of God who is also the Son of Man, making Him eligible (per the decree of the Creator) and uniquely suited to rule the Earth!

  7. Our Savior Who Art in Heaven, Please Bless Everyone on Earth. (Especially “The Elites” & Their Minions Inside the World’s Banks & Governments) Who Plot Against God & Their Fellow Man. So They’ll Not Themselves Fall Into The Snares They’ve Set for Others. (May God Grant Them “The Wisdom to Change Their Ways” Before They May Pass & Face Judgement Day Before His Throne). In Jesus Name, Amen <3

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