24 thoughts on “An amazing mango farm in South Florida

  1. Love mangos.I have been eating the Ataulef (?) ones. They are so good!!! First sampled them at a farmer’s market. Delicious.

  2. did yall know that sugar/carbohydrates in ANY foods and in any form are not healthy for people? we need it, but not so much as we think and as we eat these days in so called “healthy food” like: in bread(whole-wheat), pasta(whole-wheat), rice, fruits?

  3. I am planning a trip for S. Florida in mid June, I look forward to trying many varieties, some of which I have growing but the young trees have are not fruiting yet. Nam Doc Mai, Maha Chanok, Lemon Zest, Coconut cream, and few others.

  4. Please try Pakistani Mangos.The best mangos in the world. no comparison with the mangos in this video. Although i liked you videos and your efforts to grow so many kinds of fruits

    • +Orlando Gardener, you are correct about that but there is some truth to that claim about Pakistan’s mangoes – because mangoes originated in the Indian-sub continent, i.e, today’s India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka area. They have over ten thousand varieties of mangoes. However the most popular and best tasting are around fifty or so. I hope you get to try them one day and then you will see for yourself. They are nothing like the mangoes in the US.

  5. Keep an open mind. My family is from India, and we have the same breeds as in Pakistan. I was convinced they are the best mangos in the world, and they are amazing. But I recently had some mangos from a tree in Lake Worth, it was one of the most amazing sweet flavored mango I have ever had. Remember all mangos originated from the subcontinent anyway, but some new breeds are really amazing. Store mangos are terrible, mostly Tommy Atkins. These are not those, you should try them first.

  6. my daughter and i bought a mango or so called mango and as we started to cut it all we could smell was like pine cones or pine trees. I was wondering if that is suppose to smell pinnie, or what??

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