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An animated Bible walk through of the biblical theme of Sacrifice and Atonement.
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About the authors:

Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary.

Jon Collins is a founder of Epipheo and Sincerely Truman and a veteran explainer video producer.


47 thoughts on “Animated Explanation of Sacrifice and Atonement

  1. Hey guys this an amazing video to answer why Christians don’t perform animal sacrifice. My question to you is where does repentance fit in the atonement process?

    • +addijaheim records entertainment you are horrible and have bore false witness – I support no such thing, and never have I stated such. Don’t message me any more.

    • No, He or She is not because all of people are sinner. All of people have original sins.This reason why we need repeant our sins without except. There is another side of this: A man or women cannot redeem itself it needed a such a sacrifice which is perfect and came from God. Only such a sacrifice is accepted by God. The only acceptd sacrifice is jesus Christ’s death and resurrection and that God ordered.

    • Alex Bensen you’re supposed to be, put couldn’t pay the price and that’s why the Lord Jesus Christ had to die and rise again to take the punishment and blame for your sins, it shows God’s love and grace! the Lord Jesus Christ is God as well as God the Holy Spirit and God the Father. Jesus died for you on the cross to take away your sin, he was the perfect man, born into this world to save sinners. He died on the cross for you, his precious blood was shed for you, he died for you to take away your sin so you will not perish in hell. Receive salvation; The Bible says “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and though shalt be saved. Admit that you’re a sinner, believe that Christ died for you, believe that the only way to Heaven is through Him and without salvation you will perish. Believe that you cannot get to heaven on your own, depend on Him, on His shed blood to forgive you of your sins and you shalt be saved! Spread the wonderful news, Christ died for you and wants to save you!

    • I don’t think you can be born as a Christian. The whole thing is about meeting God in person and having a relationship with him and not about religion or about the way your parents rised you :)) Hope you will give HIM a chance. Him and not some kind of picture other people drew about him. He’s waiting to meet you :))

    • Prophets aren’t better than anyone else. That’s typical Muslim thinking. They’re chosen because someone needs to be chosen, not because they’re so good. Some are chosen in the womb. How can you be the best baby in the world? Doesn’t make sense..
      Is Christianity a fairy tale? You need to read your quran I hear.
      In many places Mohammed says that allah revealed the Bible and that the prophecies in it are about him. In verse 18:27 Mohammed says allah’s word cannot be changed, so if you claim that the Bible has been corrupted you’re contradicting allah.
      This is called ‘the islamic dilemma’.
      Seek the truth and you’ll find it, my man….

  2. doing the lords supper every sunday is dangerous
    we should do it only on passover because he said it to do it on passover
    we should also keep the other feasts of leviticus 23 because they remember us what god did for us and how jesus fullfilled the meaning of the first 4 feasts
    when he comes back he will fullfill the last 3 feasts

    • The only benefit I see church is being among family and friends, and we all listen to a priest preach in long-winded speeches, and you’re not allowed to ask questions; you can only listen and keep your mouth shut. I like to ask questions and think about them, that’s why I only read the bible and stay away from church. If you feel comfortable in church, i won’t judge you. But don’t be afraid to ask personal questions and seek the answers.

    • Ryan Hey Ryan, just curious what kind of church do you go to? Church is supposed to be a place where brothers and sisters in Christ are able to fellowship and lovingly encourage, admonish, correct, rebuke, and pray with one another. It seems rather odd that you are unable to ask questions eagerly to learn more about God’s word.

    • Jesus Is Risen I honestly don’t remember. I was a little kid when I went to church. So I should really be blaming myself for not learning about God. I was just thinking about fundamentalists when I wrote that comment.

  3. I like how you explain things. Though I have been an atheist for most of my life, purely because of my own view on Christianity was that it was primal. However you have changed my mind, and I will take more consideration when it comes to Christianity.

    • another example of God not expecting the people to believe blindly “If they will not believe you,” God said, “or listen to the first sign, they may believe the latter sign. 9 If they will not believe even these two signs or listen to your voice, you shall take some water from the Nile and pour it on the dry ground, and the water that you shall take from the Nile will become blood on the dry ground.”

    • Isaac Wennign – Keep in mind I was a devout Christian for over 2 decades and saw things in same way as you. When I let go of the fear that was instilled in me to fear a god and hell (that most likely isn’t there)…(and yes yes I had all the good touchy feeling love love of Jesus feelings too), my thinking did a complete 180 within a matter of months. And today I see this and other religions as a gimmick, a magic trick that was revealed to me. You know, once you see how a magic trick is done, the magic is lost and you can’t make yourself believe it again even if you wanted to. This is exactly what happened to me and Christianity. This is why when someone like you tries to say otherwise, I look at you knowing you only see the magic trick and still struck with awe, but you have not yet seen how this trick works. No the coin doesn’t disappear behind his ear, he just tucks it in his sleeve or whatever. That right there is Christianity, the Bible.

      LOL and I’m not trying to be arrogant, but I’ve considered most of that and plenty more. I’m pretty sure most Christians have considered the serpent as representing evil. How could you even possibly think that is not something I’ve considered? It sort of spells it out in the story. Remember, I grew up in the church (many churches in various countries and languages actually), and continued to participate well in to adult hood. Think of the thousands of testimonies and sermons I’ve listened to in church, Sunday school, movies and Bible school….and last so many years online. Think of the experienced I’ve had believing that Jesus is my personal friend and having a personal relationship with Jesus etc…You really think you’re telling me anything new??? This is not my arrogance, rather just fact.

      I have lived all this. I know it is hard to accept, but I have lived and believed and considered what you believe now. Don’t be too arrogant or closed minded. There are billions of others who have lived through your version of Christianity and more. In decades of my in depth experience with Christianity, I didn’t miss some ‘secret’ to Christianity that you happen to catch. Even if you like to think it is so, I got news for you its not.

      My large extended family and my wife are still all church going Christians. In regards to Christianity, so far it seems from this conversation you don’t know anything more than me. If you do, you sure haven’t shared it. Your personal relationship with your god is summarized like this: You were influenced by a popular belief system, then in your brain created a personal version of this god in your brain. When you talk to your god, it is one cluster of brain neurons communicating with another cluster of brain neurons. The reason this god knows you so well, your deepest desires, affecting your emotions, is because you are this god, you created this god. This god, which influences your thoughts and nervous system, your actions. Just like children are influenced by the myth of a Magical Santa Claus, and then create a personal version of Santa in their brain…these kids even behave to appease Santa, to receive gifts. In the same way, this idea of Jesus helps you behave in a certain way. Because our brains are that amazing, they can simulate personalities of real people we know, and even fictional personalities. I wish you no harm. I wish you peace. I don’t mean to put you down. Its not your fault, you did not create Christianity, you only fell victim to it. Which is easy to do, I’ve been there.

    • woah your story is intense and you even have a wife that is a believer. haha I can imagine there is at least some tension there. I mean I can give some more explanations for what I believe if you want. An example is, I dont fear hell or choose to believe just to escape suffering, but I fear Gods goodness. You have heard that one I am sure. I am just amazed that he even provided a way back to him. I am growing all the time but i mean honestly, I think this just goes back to scripture and if its authentic or not (if I am not mistaken). And if this is just a bunch of superstition or if events actually have specially occurred in history. And i really do not see it as behaving a certain way to appease God to get things from him, but to just love our creator really. I respect you so so so so much and its such a privilege to talk with you like this.

    • Isaac Wennign – Yes, I get it. Believe it or not, from a psychology point of view, children who really believe in the magic Santa Claus, also have sort of a ‘respect fear’ type of relationship with Santa Claus, who is solely imagined in their head with some outside influence and tradition of course. However, once they realize it was a trick all along, and it becomes blatantly obvious to the child at some point that Santa Claus is just a fairy tale, all of that fear and respect is immediately gone. This is exactly what happened to me and millions of others who drop religion for a rational and evidence based World view. ..
      I’ve been married to my wife for a long time, we’re mostly used to it. But in addition, all my siblings and her siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, in laws etc are all believers. You really think I have a shortage of perspectives regarding the Bible?
      In regards to Biblical prophecy, if you took the time to read and look in to the prophecies, you should be honest with yourself and take at least the same amount of time and look in to reasons for skepticism and criticism of those prophecies. If you’re honest, you will see how the magic trick is exposed.
      I would strongly recommend to thoroughly start with this page

    • Liam Swain My experience is somewhat different. I grew up Christian and was heavily involved in ministry. Along with lack of evidence for god, purely nonsensical ideas such as blood sacrifice contributed to my doubts. And no offense to these young men, who seem very nice, but this tortured attempt at explaining why God created the rules of the universe in a way that necessitates such sick rituals only highlights the craziness of it. Besides, the oldest books of the Bible highlight a much different reason for sacrifice than portrayed here: Jehovah liked the smell.

  4. The last supper was Jesus telling us to now do passover in remembrance of him not Egypt anymore. The Hebrews were a picture of The redeemed persons under Christ and the lamb that was to be slain was obviously a picture of the real Jesus. Passover is about us now and Jesus. Remember God said He will make the two one man meaning jew and gentile.

  5. Founded in 1983 with the permission of Archbishop Patrick Flores, the parish of Our Lady of The Atonement Catholic Church began with Father Christopher Phillips and a …

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