20 thoughts on “Another long time raw foodist no longer vegan

  1. you are so right
    the problem is always that people have to take everything to the extreme
    everything in moderation is good
    extremism in anything is stupid

  2. I believe in a vegan diet for cleansing, but not so much for nourishing and building the body, which requires some animal products. I also don’t believe in the vegan diet for fertility.

  3. Plants are just as conscious as animals. They just move and speak in a much slower manner than we recognize. Life takes life, that is why we must live with love and gratitude. Peace and love to you all on your life journey.

  4. But let’s just hypothetically say that you run an ethical free range organic farm. You are giving all of those animals the gift of life. They wouldn’t exist otherwise. You just are controlling when they die, and how they die. Without eating them, there would be no reason to give them the gift of life.

  5. It would be interesting to know what kind of raw food diet this guy was eating. How many calories was he eating? What kinds of foods was he eating? The statement that he sought more sustenance from fats could itself have been the problem.

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