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49 thoughts on “Appeal To The White Community of Believers

  1. If one is honest with themselves it isn’t difficult to understand that the “jews” in the Israeli state aren’t actual jews.
    However that doesn’t mean I’m going to jump from one assumption to another.
    Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe I need a Pastor Dowell or a Pastor Fox to explain how we jumped from “Those aren’t jews” to these are the real Hebrews.

    I don’t much care what color the “real Hebrews” are. If it is as you say it is, please show me in The Scriptures where it says “Hebrews are black skinned.”

    I hear what you’re saying, but the very little explanation offered for this conclusion simply hasn’t added up to me so far.

    • The True Jews are Hamites and Ethiopians
      they are cousins. Cushites & Benjamites, descendants of Nimrod, like the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar.___
      [Judith 5:5-8] Then Achior, the leader of the [Ammonites] answered Holofernes, Nebuchadnezzar’s General, “I will tell you the truth about these people[Hebrews], ” These people are the descendants of some Babylonians, who abandoned the ways of their ancestors in order to worship the GOD in heaven.”
      “Abraham was the Babylonian they were referring to…-[Gen.11:31]
      “And Terah to Abram his son, and Sarai and they went forth, from Ur of the Chaldees, to go into the land of Canaan.”
      And why was Haman[Ham] a natural enemy of the Hebrews?
      “Because the nation of the Amalekites had been destroyed by them. The battle that took place in Africa between Israel and Agag king of the Amalekites? Well, Haman was an Amalekite also known “Agagite” a Descendant of ESAU!!!
      [Ester 3:1] “After these things did king Ahasuerus promote Haman the son of the Hammedatha the Agagite…The Persian and Medes were “Hamites”, until Alexander the Greek invaded the land.
      This was why it is said ” Africans don’t like the Hebrew Israelites, we are not Jews, because we refused their gods, and chose to worship The Heavenly Father…. These same Jews are a part of The Hebrew Israelites to this day.. I AM NOT A JEW!!!!

    • +HanzoMishima Why are you agreeing with a man that in his initial statement is saying, “I don’t much care what color the “real Hebrews” are. ” He is saying outright that if the TRUTH is that they are black, he does not even care. Notice that he didn’t say that he could care less concerning any other skin tone or nationality. He is basically saying that black lives and that history of the Bible does not matter a it relates to black Biblical history. There always seem to be some too willing blacks ready to side with the ideas of black insignificance. This person has clearly declared their ignorance on the issue yet you agree? Furthermore from what he wrote it is clear that he choses white sources outside of the bible as superior to the inspired word of the Most High.

  2. Just aknowledge the truth that’s all a man can do. Ever since I have I have been blessed I was glad to know the truth because I despise and loathe those people over in that land currently today. It doesn’t bother me at all the Hebrews are who they are. Blessings brother

    • +ProSecondAmendment You said “We certainly have not seen any blacks getting their heads chopped off in this final hour” Do you forget all the lynchings that have taken place in this Country?   No need to reply because I can already discern you are a hateful, narrowminded troll who is simply trying to engage in debate. I will be praying for you. May the Most High Yah change your heart and attitude toward His people so that you don’t find yourself standing outside of His Gates.

    • +7 TRUMPETS PREPPER its about bloodline, not race, you Y DNA makes you who you are, either esau, jacob or other, they all have distinct YDNA, once the esau dna get into anyrace, you are genetically made to hate jacob e1b1b is esau e1b1a in jacob

  3. Leviticus 13:32 proves the Israelites were not white. Praise the Father for the truths expounded upon in Romans 11 that I am still an Israelite through the grafting in of Yeshua/Jesus
    So what color are Israelites now? We are a mixed multitude just as when we came forth from Mitsraim/ Egypt. Oh, HalleluYAH!

    • Dude you should google images of sheep and see that the world isn’t as whitewashed as your ideas of all wool being white. If you are not going to acknowledge that this is a reference to the words of the prophet Daniel concerning the ancient of days whose hair was like pure wool with no color being described then there is no point going back and forth. Do you have any interest in truth or are you just pissin on the shrubs as you pass by?

    • you guys do not understand HEBREW. HEBREW is an AFRO

    • +Glorious Dawn
      The root of this problem is The justification of enslaving God’s people through WHITE SUPREMACY. It’s sad because majority of these people profess to be christian. When christ himself was only sent to Isreal. BUT GOD wanted to make Isreal JEALOUS so he allowed people to be saved by FAITH in order to cause ISREAL to turn to him in FAITH rather than BLOOD LINE. BUT THIS DOES NOT NULLIFY HIS PROMISE TO ABRAHAM ISAAC AND JACOB AND THEIR SEED which was an EVERLASTING PROMISE.

  4. If color didn’t matter then why did the powers that be go to such great efforts to make false images of Christ and give us an impostor so-called chosen people? If it didn’t matter they would not have felt the need to white wash Israel and cover up the fact that they were black people. They had to deceive the world to prevent the nations from being blessed by blessing the true Israel and to prevent them from recognizing prophecy regarding the chosen people.

    • +Paul BrotherUglyTruth As I stated earlier, I can care less what color either Israel or Yahshua was, but it seems to matter greatly to Pastor Dowell and his group. As for Israel being made up of black people what evidence is there of that ?

    • +Paul Melonas You should care. First of all because the Most High said he would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse them so you want to know who the true Israel is. Secondly, if you don’t know who Israel is as a people, you cannot properly interpret bible prophecy about Israel. It’s not color that matters but just truth. A black people are now believed to have been white. As for proof, if just takes discernment. There is evidence like sculptures made by the Assyrians when they captured the Israelites which show them to be black people but even the bible tells us so. If you look at Ancient Egyptian art, they were a black people. Jacob’s son Joseph blended in with the black Egyptians. Moses was believed to be an Egyptian, making him black. Jesus hid in Egypt as a child when king Herod sought to kill him. A white child would have stood out. He and his family blended in because they were black like the Egyptians. The Apostle Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian making him black. Jesus is described twice in the bible. Once by Daniel and once by John in the book of Revelation. Both times he is described as having wooly hair (like black people) and having feet that looked like burnt brass. Burnt brass is very dark brown in color. The table of nations also gives clues. Noah had 3 sons who survived the flood and fathered all nations. At that time, all people were black. Ham was black and had sons, Mitsrayim who Fathered Egypt and Kush who fathered Ethiopia. All black people. This means that Ham’s brother Shem who fathered the Shemites and the Hebrews was also black. The third brother Japheth was also black. His sons went north Into Europe and eventually those people became white either from Albinism or a form a leprosy. If you still don’t believe that the Israelites were black then you just don’t want to believe it and that is probably based on having a racist spirit which cannot accept a black Messiah and savior. I would accept Jesus no matter what color he is because of what he taught and the the sacrifice he made for us. I accept him as a black man because he was a black man and I accept all of my brothers in Christ and my Pastor regardless of color because Jesus taught us that our family is those who do the will of his Father. I know of no Pastor who does the Father’s will like my Pastor Charles Dowell.

    • +Paul BrotherUglyTruth ; Powers that be ?? Great efforts ?? The church began in a place known as Israel some may call it Palestine and it gained it’s greatest acceptance as it moved North to Asia Minor i.e. Turkey , Greece and Rome and later to Northern Europe and most artists that are from that area and known for “religious” art work were white. You sound like it was some kind of a conspiracy. As for nations being blessed, what nation has realized greater blessing than America and we made blacks SLAVES !!

    • +Paul Melonas The church may have started as you described but Rome persecuted and murdered true believers. When Constantine couldn’t beat them, he joined them by pretending to convert and starting the Catholic religion by using the Hebrews’ writing and combining them with their own Roman pagan traditions and holidays. The Vatican has old statues and paintings of the black Madonna and a black baby Jesus and the Orthodox church of Eastern Europe also has many of these images and statues in their churches to this day. There is a conspiracy. This world is ruled by Satan and his servants. They control all information and had to hide the true identity of the Hebrews so that they could control people and keep the nations and the Hebrews cursed and in disobedience to YHWH by teaching against the Father’s commandments. Remember that the Hebrews were given into the hands of the other nations because of their rebellion against YHWH for a time. However if you know your bible, YHWH is now restoring his people and gathering them. As they awaken and realize who they are and repent the nations who cursed them like American will face the wrath and vengeance of the Most High. Yes, every nation who enslaved Israel prospered for a while. The world power today is still Rome as Daniel foretold. They have just changed their name and their face. We can already see that America is falling apart in every way. Morally, spiritually, financially, economically etc. Before you call America blessed, wait just a little longer. America will face a very harsh judgement. Not only for enslaving the blacks but also for attempted genocide against the Native Indians who if you research are from the Northern tribes of Israel who arrived her even before Messiah walked the earth. Before you respond again with more ignorance, go study to show yourself approved. Bible prophecy and history.

  5. Blessings Pastor Dowell. Sorry I’m new. and just now coming to this knowledge. but I’ve been doing some digging and research. because you’ve also told us to do so. and I’ve been finding a great deal of truth in you pastor Dowell. thanks and you’re a wonderful teacher.. I have no racial trouble at all with this . your people fit the curses of the Most High yah. perfectly! !! so only the unwilling to open the mind and heart will not see this truth. As for me still learning . doing research, and started reading the word more because of what I’ve now learned. my biggest fear is where do I fit in to all of this in the Most High yah plan. and trying to work through the Muck and lies that are being told to us all. again thanks Pastor Dowell. and great topic.

    • By believing through repentance, your heart can’t lie and and The Most High sent His Son to atone for the sins of the people, its the people that don’t want or can grasp this Truth, the world Hated Him and all would not existed if He had not..and thousands year letter this people still don’t understand, nothing they do doesn’t require His help, NOTHING..All praises be to The Most High in The Name of Christ/ Yahoshuwa HaMashiyach..Peace to you brethren

  6. Good video Pastor Dowell. I’m blessed to be part of an assembly here in Florida that is made up of different cultures and nationalities. I am “black”. However, the majority of the assembly is “white”. I put “black”and “white”  in quotation marks because as I’m sure you realize “race” is a social construct of man  that the Enemy brought about to further divide Yah’s people. The “white” members of the assembly treat me as a brother. And they do acknowledge that the Ancient Hebrews were a dark race of people. Yahuah already told us in His word that a remnant of His people will awaken in the latter days. So off the bat we are dealing with a small group of people who are a part of TRUE ISRAEL. As you know Pastor there are many out here claiming to be Israel and running around saying they are awakened but the FRUIT they display is ROTTEN. So of the Remnant being awakened we have a small number of “whites” being awoken and coming into YAH’s covenant. And of that small amount an even smaller group that are willing to be vocal about what they have learned.  Many are scared about backlash from the majority white Judeo-Christian Community (which can be a very hateful set of people as you well know) I am confident that in the days ahead you will see the power of the Ruach Ha Kodesh operating through these “white” folks and they will be more outspoken and empowered to share the truth.  Yah barak brothers like 7 Trumpets Prepper for being one of the few “white” believers to share this truth with others on a large scale. On another note, I want to extend an invitation to you and your family Pastor. If you are ever in South Florida you are welcome to visit and spend the Shabbat with our group -Beyt Ha Kala L’Yahushua (House of the Bride of Yahushua) located in Fort Myers, FL. Yah Barak!Brother Jason

    • +YAHsaves777 Glory to the King Please stay in touch and thank you for allowing me to use your videos as well. I hope one day to meet you is my prayer. Until keep your hand on that plow my Brother, The Most High Yah Barak you, shalom! Pastor Dowell

    • +YAHsaves777 You are so right. At different times and in different places during deliverance, demons have told members of our assembly as well as Pastor that racism is a tool of Satan and he uses it to divide people and make them hate on another. The demons were laughing calling us fools for falling for it and allowing them to manipulate us.

  7. You are so demonically deceived and so idolizing skin color and are a mockery of the One you claim to know and serve. You espouse and teach doctrines of demons; thinking yourself the “chosen ones” because you have dark skin and curly hair on you! You’re a pathetic mockery of sound biblical teaching and anyone falling for your charade needs will get what they have coming. Heretic Dowell is no different than a KKK grand dragon; he is a race obsessed heretic!!!

    • +intrepidgator I don’t agree with ones tactics, but I do fit the same shoes of my brothers and sisters under the hands of oppressors, truth overrules lies, and lives have been governed by the lies of an evil world, and those without understanding why a people may respond to such, are a part of the oppression.
      The true Constitution is not of this world, and the Constitution of this world has to answer for
      its actions to the true.
      Have a nice day and I take not of the ways of any heathren, by name calling of names we were taught to feel on a more phyical level.

    • Well if you believe you statements to be right, who are we to not leave you that right sir.. I can understand you position, but its not our call, it is prophecy, and prophecy has already been spoken, therfore, regardless, it shall defend itself and all disputes will be settled by The Most High Creator! Have a nice day…

  8. I have blessed you but almost no others . I have a problem with your speech from 7:43 “nor ever will be” . I love you but your inciting something that deep with in your heart do you truly believe? Certainly you are of the light of God .
    The truth that sets free is white people will never be of God? ie not from God .
    Everything here is of God Pastor Dowell Every single thing whether good or bad .. what of Things that are lead astray .
    I watched your video of gentiles and of nations. I enjoyed that .
    I know your pain as i feel it myself I am of no less from God as any other man upon the face of the creation.
    With that said Pastor Dowell God bless you and much love.

  9. if Christ is Black, white or pink i will bow before him. Someone’s color does not show on the soul. I will stand against my own family and call their enemies brother andd sister if God commands it. No matter what color or ancestory. Im trying to find my way back to my God, thee One and only God. the one i left due to my failings.

  10. I actually liked you and followed you until this one…..You’re a racist. God does not judge by skin color or DNA (as states below). It’s Good vs. Evil and this “people” video is racist. God put EVERYONE on this world to have the opportunity to enter the gates. May God help you for preaching this BS!

  11. Shalom. Unfortunately, our Black brothers also suffer from this sickness, as I have had to painfully attempt to convince many of my close friends. They come up with any excuse to disprove what I am saying, and when proven wrong, they say that color doesn’t matter anyway…
    I don’t see why you would consciously ignore the truth, regardless of your personal feelings/ego.

  12. The only black man that the “church” of white Mennonites are bringing to Manitoba are Muslims. And when you talk poop against this, they know your face and are no longer a stranger in the crowd….But then these churches from the bible belt of Manitoba are forwarded by FREEMASONS and very few will be saved.

  13. pastor ie teacher be blessed, all the blood descendents be blessed. The truth I have seen the truth I have heard . The truth I will speak. The King is coming.

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