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Not all sins are equal! The Bible essentially says, "the punishment fits the crime" — a truth that has been forgotten in most Christian churches! Michael Rood and Bill Cloud explain how God's justice works and how Christians should conduct themselves as His respresentatives.
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5 thoughts on “Are All Sins Equal? – Q&A with Michael Rood & Bill Cloud

  1. Multiple wives. Some pastors out there in you tube land are going back to Torah and stating men can have multiple wives beacause of Abraham, Solomon, and David. If so does a woman have to be obedient to this lifestyle because she is to be submissive to the husband if he decides to take on more because he has the means to support them?

  2. one burning question ive had. Does the bible teach not to eat Sacrificed foods? with the issue of halal creeping and infiltrating the market, do we abstain completely? as i advicate boycotting halal and sharia. as it funds terror.

  3. Excellent lesson I didn’t know that about Moses and the bond servant I must’ve missed it. I’m going to look it up

    To God all sin is sin but all sin is not equal that’s just a conclusion a lot of people draw when they read it silly

    God didn’t rain down fire and brimstone on sidom and gamora for telling white lies. He did so because they had an unrepenting hearts there every thought was evil and every action was an abomination to God. much like the Democrats of today. Pray for them. They must learn to fear God if they are to gain a title of wisdom.

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