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Sometimes things may not go your way but Yahweh wants the best for you so no matter how bad of a day you are having, stay faithful! Yahweh offers us a future and a hope!

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25 thoughts on “Are you angry with God?

  1. The Ancient Babylonians used to worship a pagan Trinity god !
    And most of the so called Christians today are worshipping a false Trinity god as well !

    The Trinity Doctrine = *Breaking the 1st Commandment*

    Trinitarians will NOT make it to HEAVEN if they keep WORSHIPPING a false Trinity god !
    Trinitarians must REPENT if they want to be saved.


    And to Stop them from Denying Facts and Listening to the Lies…

    The Trinity doctrine is a creation of Satan and was brought into Christendom by the Catholic Church more than 200 years AFTER the Bible was written to steal souls from the kingdom.
    The souls lost will be anyone deceived enough to follow the Papal Church and Satan’s creation.
    Such people typically just ASSUME.

    The Bible was in fact written by Jews and the Jews have NEVER believed in the Trinity doctrine !
    and they have NEVER taught that the Holy Spirit is a third god !
    NOT in the beginning and still NOT today !
    Not ever !

    So how can the authors of the Bible be referring to a third god when they have NEVER taught or believed that ever ?!

    And yet most are so indoctrinated with the lie they will ignore this fact also.

    So brainwashed in fact the deceived say “GOD THE SON” and “GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT” and yet the Bible NEVER EVER uses these phrases !
    Not EVER !
    These phrases came from the CATHOLIC CHURCH, not the BIBLE !

    Most of the so called Christians in this world are brainwashed and deceived !
    They follow their Pastors and Religious Leaders !
    NOT the Word of God.

    The indoctrinated and prejudiced will deny every fact and will respond with a variety of ignorance.
    And we wonder why most are going through the wide gate.

    The intelligent people will ask questions and will want to learn and see if this is true !

    Most people are sheeple, so most will not ask.

    • Okay brother, but what I think you misunderstand is that we aren’t worshipping three “God’s” there is only one, that’s the father, his son Yeshua in his likeness the Holy spirit sent forth from Yeshua as our “helper” we only pray to Yahweh. They all have the same nature and will from the father. So elaborate with scripture please where your coming from. Trinity was a made up word to describe the nature as being one, not to say there are three gods.

  2. Paul, I couldn’t help but notice the animal trap there by the fruit tree in the background–as a sort of underscore for your message. We think we know what we want and we imagine it would be really good, but that could be the biggest trap for us. Thanks for the thoughts–very timely for me today.

  3. thank you Paul this helped clarify things. I havent been able to bare children since I got married. two miscarriages so far. I don’t know if it is God will for me at this time to have children. the way this world is going in not sure this is a good time for new borns. then again it’s Fathers will not mine.

  4. Just wanted to thank you for doing these recordings for me. I feel like this is a personal blessing from the lord. I live in a rural country area in Mn and we do not have a temple here. I am also a Messianic Jew. I was Christian for the last 10 years and time and time again I was not liking the fact that they were teaching things that were WRONG, celebrating the wrong things, not obedient to Yeshua and what we should be doing, they just brush it off casually. and following things that were in direct contradiction to the Lord himself. So your voice is my learning channel. I trust you! I have a testimony much like yours pertaining to the Christians. This message was for me. Thank you!!

  5. Like that,that subject always amuses me. Moreover,its specially valuable because no one else than Jews had so good experience eith arguing with HIM and often winning such interaction))

  6. I’ve been disappointed in how all ministries mute those they think can’t contribute anything that could benefit from. And I’ve been disappointed in this ministry also but haven’t let it effect my faith in the Almighty Father. HalleluYah!!!!!!!

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