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The number one hindrance to seeing the Almighty’s plan move forward in your life has nothing to do with other people… it’s YOU!

In a special two-part message, Perry Stone outlines the spiritual dangers of being offended. Don’t miss a special message from Passover 2018 on this week’s episode of Shabbat Night Live!


29 thoughts on “Are You Offended? – Shabbat Night Live – 11/30/18

  1. Mattithya 24 isn’t saying those of the tribe of Yahudim will be delivered up and be killed. It’s saying at least some of the believers, the called-ones, called into the New Covenant, will be.

  2. Excellent sermon by Pastor Stone. The first time I had listened to him speak. Especially enjoyed learning about Yeshua’s Melchezedek annointing at his baptism, now it makes sense. Thanks for sharing

  3. I have mixed feelings about Perry Stone. I like some of what he says, but he doesn’t keep Shabbat AND he believes in a pre-tribulation “rapture” of the church. These are two very important things, the Sabbath being most important. With that said, he gave a good sermon here.

  4. At 57:19 I thought I saw a Demon with glowing blue eyes in the audience, so I went back and paused it… I actually laughed out loud. It was someone wearing glasses looking down at their phone… Awkward…

  5. An urgent need awakening message.
    Thank God for Perry Stone teaching in depth from the Scripture.
    I experience what he is teaching from Matthews 24:13.
    Hebrew 12:2-3 is my focus and goal for my life after He had saved me from my sin.
    He tried me, tested me, going through deep waters, fiery darts yet
    I will still trust in Him even He slay me. Job 13:15.
    Blessings from Singapore!!!

  6. I guess some people believe that. Not scriptural. Do you believe the prince of the power of the air is the Almighty? I don’t believe it is but I do believe it’s everywhere. The Almighty’s plan in your life? Is that new age Christian? The Bible is the plan, all the way to death. Is it not?

  7. Thank you for making this program available. I have been suffering from doubt; not about God, but about my faith. Perry Stone’s video offered some real answers to my questions. Again, thank you for finding a way to keep your program on the air.

    • Thank you for watching Dusty. It’s your support that keeps us going. We are so glad this message spoke to you and helped you. Tune in this friday night for the second part of this message!

  8. You are correct , I am a gantile now I look back I have inherited lies from my forefathers. The hardest part is to come to terms with it through Yeshua everything is possible.

  9. I love your stuff Michael Rood! Keep up the Good News!! People love entertainment too much and they love “easy answers” too much which leads to sin and more sin. God wants people who will obey the Christ and not just give lip-service.

  10. One thing to point out though. Christians aren’t supposed to be Jewish or Pagan. The Church is a new Creation. Perhaps a firm push away from paganism will revitalize the Church but the goal must be obedience to Christ.

  11. Jew and gentile become one new man in Christ that is the outcome of the messiah not for one to trade off with the other but for the people to become Kingdom culture not jewish cultures are westernised Kingdom cultured

  12. Who are you ?????
    Jeremiah 9:11. Jerusalem and Judah, desolate without inhabitant.
    Jeremiah 18:16 their land desolate and a perpetual hissing.
    Jeremiah 11:19. Cut them of from the living, the name NO more Remembered.
    Psalm 83:4. Cut off . The name of Isrsel remember NO more.
    Baruch 2:30. In the land of their captivities they shall remember themselves.
    Ezekiel 20:33 – 36.
    As I live, says the Lord God. I will gather my people from the lands of slavery and restore my Nation.

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