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Many people blame their marriage issues on Torah issues suggesting they have a bad marriage because their spouse doesn't want to follow Torah. Is that really the issue? Let's explore this topic more and find out.

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10 thoughts on “Are Your Marriage Issues because of Yahweh

  1. Have the same in my house. I believe that YAH has ordained that by my example I can bring my wife to the light of truth that is our Messiah Yeshua.

  2. I’m so thankful for my wife, we both came into all this together. We’re hitting 20 years married in August and only turning 40 in June. We are truly one.

  3. Thank you for that. I posted, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, on my facebook page yesterday. Such an important chapter for the people of the world.

  4. HalleluYah! Amazing message! It’s very true and very unfortunate that we have strayed from our biblical and gender roles. Women wanting to act and be men, wearing the pants in the relationship, as opposed to being actual women of scripture! Women these days, including so called believing women, tend to be almost feminists, even narcissistic! We need to stop being offended and go back to doing what Yahweh requires of us and letting men be men, letting them lead and have that authority! Women need to go back to being submissive, respectful to their husbands, and knowing their place in a marriage! So many women don’t even respect their husbands, and just do their own thing and do whatever they like, without giving their husbands any thought or asking their husbands permission for anything! It’s sad!

  5. That’s good advice, Torah Life! “There but by the grace of God go I,” said my grandma and mom. Every one of us has his or her “stuffe.” Please don’t beat yourself up! He came to set us free, knowing we all goof up in one way or another. What I mean is, don’t forget to forgive yourself while your forgiving others!

    A couple I know has been married over fifty years! The wife studies the Bible in Hebrew & Greek; she loves to teach; she observes Shabbat. She found her husband at work, looking through resumes of the men! He needed to be Catholic, as she was Catholic. Did she find that in the resume or later? I don’t remember what she said now. Later they both became Protestants! After that, she came to Torah, but he didn’t want to go there. Even now, he’s not compelled, but a few years ago he started coming to our annual Hanukkah party. Last year this grandma had a Passover Seder for their local grownup children and their grandchildren! Across the miles one of her granddaughters persuaded her parents to celebrate Passover! I consider her to be a role model and friend. So glad to know her. She put her marriage over agreeing about everything!

  6. My wife and I dealt with this after I started keeping the commandments. Made a lot of mistakes in dealing with it. Now she is keeping it as well by the grace of Yah because I didn’t handle it right at all. Now my friend has decided to join my family in keeping Torah and now he is divorced. I tried to get them to talk to my wife and I because we fought that battle already and really wanted to help them but his wife refused. It hurt to see it happen.

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