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  1. What is the diet the Bible prescribes. Genesis prescribed a vegan diet in the ‘perfect creation’, but later we are given an exception for meats. What do you believe is a ‘holy’ and right diet is?

  2. my main problems is food tolerance.
    I often hot sick by eating.
    I even cut ½ food I’m eating. then it work better since then. but sometimes problem come when I eat at restaurant, I don’t know why but seems I’m better eat what I made my self.

    for raw food. I still not sure if it safe. I eat veggie by pouring hot water first. or quick boil.
    but for fruit I eat raw, but I must make clear it 100% clean. I washed my fruit with soap so I sure it cleaned well.

    my question did you ever got stomach problem like diarrhea when doing raw food diet, and what you do to prevent or treatment if you got sickness by food?

  3. I missed your live show. I have ulcerative colitis flare ups in the morning. I stopped eating big breakfast eggs bacon pancakes in morning now I have less flare up. How can I get rid of the flare up what should I eat in morning that would help.

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