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Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Has a college education in religious and secular fields of study from schools in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California.

Raised Jewish reform. In later adulthood, lived Jewish Orthodox. Today, Avi continues his studies in the Hebrew Torah, Prophets and Writings while pursuing advanced studies in the teachings of the scripturalist preacher and Messianic reformer Yeshua ben Yosef. Avi does not accept any teaching that requires submission to rabbinic oral law nor does he believe there is any authority in what is commonly called the Mitzvot d'Rabanan- the commandments of the rabbis, which consists of many legal works and traditions that are considered binding on religious Jews everywhere.

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12 thoughts on “Avi Ben Mordechai – Hebrew Roots Teacher and Author

  1. ahh relief I am looking forward to this! HalleluYAH! it is running slow though any ideas… how to make it load fast on the site wwwdottorahonlocationdotcom????

  2. Fath without works is dead…. there has to be a balance of spiritual and and Torah (1st and renewed covenant)… I praise Yah for His Truth. …still b searching for more, and I thank b Yah for men whom share His truth.

  3. While Avi does have some good info I cannot in good faith endorse him anymore.

     Why? Because Avi has written that he questions the virgin birth…

    Avi ben Mordechai’s book, Messiah Volume 3:

    “If Yosef was not involved in Miryam’s pregnancy, then how would this understanding fit into the Hebraic narrative of Luke 1:35 and Mattityahu 1:20? Of course, Miryam was a woman. Similarly, the Tanakh identifies the upper and lower Ruach HaKodesh as being of feminine gender. So, is it not a bit strange that a “mother” above impregnates a mother below? This thought is reflected in the words of the Gospel of Philip, said to have been written in Syria in the second half of the third century CE: Some said, “Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit.” they are in error.

    They do not know what they are saying. When did a woman ever conceive by a woman?”

    Here is the problem… IF the virgin birth did not occur THEN Yeshua is not the Messiah = HUGE PROBLEM!

    Avi is deeply entrenched in kabbalah, which is not scripture and it has many false teachings; much of kabbalah was/is written by those who reject Yeshua as the Messiah (red flag). So if you spend too much time in that, its going to cause you to doubt the scriptures and the Messiah as we saw in Avi’s writtings.

    Test everything and hold fast to what is good.

    • Does anybody really know everything or are we all figuring it out as we go. My channel Paulgem123 was a picture of my walk. I have heard it all and reasoned it out many times with many people from all walks. My conclusion is that men want to sit in the seat of Moses BUT there is only one seat and many men who want to think they have it all figured it all out. One thing I know is that I don’t know everything and I will not be dogmatic on any topic as I might be wrong and Y’shua will teach us all in the end.

  4. Be careful … Kabbalistic leanings and questioning the foundations .. namely, the eternal logos – deity of Messiah Yeshua, the virgin birth, the blood atonement of Messiah.. There are Arian Messianics today .. That are in fact denying the only KYRIOS ELOHIM (YHVH) who bought them.

  5. Indeed, a workman is worthy of support, but I have some angst around the whole merchandising of TRUTH.. The Besorah and anointing are not for sale .. SImon magus! Not speaking of Avi directly this is a generalization.

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