Is baking sode good or bad for cancer?

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  1. This is TOTALLY not true!!!! I personally KNOW of People who have PROOF that their ADVANCED end stage Cancers were CURED with Baking Soda! Stop allowing these LIES to the contrary to be propagated! 

  2. People need to understand that cancer is not caused because of a lack of sodium bicarbonate.  They get cancer because their body is toxic….You can’t clean up the body tissues with sodium bicarbonate.  Even if you were able to kill the malignancy temporarily, it would come back….UNLESS one cleans up the body tissues through a purely alkaline diet of raw fruits and juices…..

    • +Linda Clark Doesn’t baking soda deplete your body of nutrients? I’m scared to try it. I don’t know what will happen to me if I do.

    • +Vincent, I’m so sorry for your health challenge, but don’t be overwhelmed by the diagnosis….We have self-healing bodies if we give it the tools it needs to get healthy. It’s the way God made us. Because we have now hybridized all our fruit, it’s 30-35% sweeter than it used to be years ago. So, for the time being, I would avoid least the sweet fruits like bananas and mangoes. You don’t have to avoid it forever, but cancer, parasites, fungus, bacteria, and candida all feed on sugar, even if the sugar is natural. But certainly don’t avoid them forever, just cut way back for a while. But more than anything, because we don’t have the nutrients in the soil that we used to have….it’s SO important for people with cancer to get their juicer going. Juicing will get you well and keep you well!!! If you don’t have one, let me recommend a Breville. I say that because it’s so easy to use and you can juice anything within minutes. Strain your juices and then drink them throughout the day in divided doses (sugg 1 cup each hour). Within a day or so, you will feel the detoxification process happening. It’s very powerful. But rejoice in it. Juicing is the way, Bud.

    • +Vincent Hernandez, in addition to juicing, I would use a good blood cleansing formula (herbs) that will clean the bloodstream. It’s the immune system that kills the cancer. When you clean up the bloodstream, the immune system begins its miraculous work. You can get Dr. Christopher’s Incurables program through It’s a very healing program, and it’s how I healed my own health issues very similar to yours. God bless, Vincent. I would avoid baking soda. I know others who it didn’t work for. Plus, healing the body is a comprehensive overall program—that’s how you heal cancer. When people say that have found that one thing that works, I know it’s not the answer. Hope this helps.

    • I put a quarter tsp in a 1.5 liter bottle. The PH of my urine was consistently around 7.5 to 8. It was used to raise the PH of water not to cure cancer. It was one step in a process. I now have a Kangen that puts out 9.5 to 11.5 water. I also ate veggies and “Popeye Soup.” Fruit has too much sugar when you have cancer. Any sugar feeds cancer.

    • Bill McCracken hi. Are u cancer free now? I’m confused. There is a dr called dr morse who suggests fruit diet only. ..I have thyroid tumour and after 16 weeks…AND my kidneys filtering…tumour is still there

  3. I was cured from liver cancer with baking soda. I was on a vegetarian diet at the time so I had removed the things that cause cancer. Cancer is fungus. I ate the baking soda in water at night most of the time. I also ate lots of greens which also alkolais the body. you have to do something to alkolai the body which also means cutting out those foods that cause cancer because even if you get rid of cancer using baking soda to keep the body alkolai it will come back or spread to other areas if you do not cut out the cancer causing foods. So cut out meat, chicken, fish, cheese, processed foods. Eat lots of greens in smoothies and juices so they absorb quickly. Eat lots of apples. Eat organic.

  4. Part 2 What you said is possible that the lady’s cancer was spread from place to place via the needles. Apparently the doctor didn’t realize that fungus will attach itself to objects and then contaminate the new areas.To be honest normal oncologists do worse damage most of the time. You don’t have to put baking soda directly on the cancer. you just have to keep the body ph between 8 and 8.5 for a time. In my case it was 5 months. Most Americans when tested have a ph of 6.5, perfect fungal growing climate. Most cancer patients do have candida though this is only one form of fungus. Keeping the body around 7.4 cures diseases as a general rule. Keep the stress level low, eat a good diet of greens and fruits and nuts.   

  5. This is false there are people in my small county that have been cured of cancer using baking soda and pure maple syrup as the carrier to the cells… Around here within the native tribes thats how its done just as one example..:)

  6. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on the subject but calling dr.simonchini an idiot is so ignorant.have a voice but no need to insult.if you want to heal OTHERS then join and talk about.PEACE to all

  7. Mangosteen is said to have killed cancer in lab petri tests.  All types, including leukemia.  Look up Dr. Templeman & Dr. Morton speak to the anti-tumor effect of the mangosteen

  8.   Well i spose if ur dieing already, try what u need to try cept for keemo unless u have to because unless ur extremely bad. (Everyone ive known with cancer died shortly after starting keemo.)
      So if u wanna try baking soda go try it honestly i dont think no one ingredient is a cure in itself, and anyone trying to sell it is probably a fool and or a Con artist. i think its more or less a combination of things and alot having to do with personal lifestyle changes,
      After all half of the food and drinks we are force fed growing up are leading causes of cancer and other malignant cells so try what u will its ur body it may work for u it may not no one will know until u c if it works for u or not.

  9. I use baking soda as a deodorant and to brush my teeth, all for less than a dollar a box. Yet, I see people paying five to ten dollars for those “all natural” deodorants/toothpastes at Whole Foods.

  10. I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma in May 2016. The neoplasm was on both sides of my upper lip, had spread and crossed over to the philtrum, nostrils and was spreading. I was scheduled for a Mohs surgical procedure that would have left me disfigured, in late June 2016. I consulted a Naturopathic Doctor and went to the mountains out west to be under his direction and guidance and to breathe clean mountain air and to bathe in chlorine and fluoride free water. I fasted or consumed only blended raw food and juices and eliminated protein, fat, salt and sugar (with small allowance for manuka honey). I drank anti-neoplastic herbal teas, applied a castor oil pack over my liver & pancreas, did coffee enamas, got high-colonics, and practiced urine therapy. The Urine therapy consisted of snorting my urine up through my nostrils many times per day, drinking 2-3 cups of it daily and applying a urine soaked poultice over my lip several times per day. In 5 days, the burning inside my nose and on the philtrum ceased and in 2 weeks, the burning on my lip ceased and the normal pink skin tone has returned! The cancer is about 80% gone!! I continue this therapy now and will continue it for some months to come!!! I have heard that an Italian Doctor said that Cancer is a Fungus and can be cured by injecting to where the neoplasm is, not by drinking it!! The main focus is to NOT FEED thye CANCER and to become ALKALINE!!

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